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Power Rankings: Fan Shark Art

by Missy Zielinski /

While there is a talented lineup of designers at our organization, we are very aware that there are some fin-tastic artists representing Sharks Territory. 

So in the spirit of Shark Week, we decided to share some of the creations you, the fans, submitted that were inspired by our favorite creature.

Hope you enjoy these works of shark!

10. All of you in Sharks Territory

You're all so talented, we would be remiss if we did not highlight all the unique pieces we received. Scroll through to see all the art that was submitted by Sharks Territory and if you haven't aleady, upload your own!

9. Sharks "Open Water" inspired Face Art by @tk408

There's no doubt that the amount of detail combined with the Día de Muertos theme is incredibly impressive in this face art design inspired by our "Open Water" artists series jerseys during the 2019-20 season.

8. "Have a Sharky Day" by @michaelannotti

Any Sharks fan who's also a parent is definitely thinking "I'm so proud" when their child shows them a masterpiece like this.

7. "Sharks vs. Ducks" by Vanessa Godinez

A modern take on a classic rivalry. 

6. When word art and Sharks combine by @artison13

When you make the words "San Jose Sharks" look like a shark, you're not not making this list.

5. "Lacey Sharks Logo" by @inkbyaballar and worn by @jessiemae

 Taking Shark art to a whole new (and permanent) level.

4. "My Sharkie" by Dan Boyer

A more literal take on our favorite carnivorous beast turned beloved mascot.

3. A design inspired by SJ Sharkie's Twitter profile photo by @skysunnymq

Because this piece speaks to us all right now. We'd give anything to be sitting on the beach (minus the Shark fins please).  

2. A tattoo sketch inspired by the Sharks and heritage by Christine Tsin

Floral print and our logo make for an unexpected, but very California match.

1. We're unofficially calling this "Shark Wars" by @skysunnymq

May the Shark be with you (in wookiee noises of course).

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