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Hockey Day in San Jose

by Ann Frazier /

It was a familiar sight at Solar4America Ice at 7:00AM on a rainy Saturday morning. All four sheets of ice were filled with kids skating and playing hockey, ranging in age from the miniest of Mites to teenagers. 

In the fifty years since the NHL first came to the Bay Area in the form of the California Golden Seals, and later reestablished a franchise in the San Jose Sharks, hockey has exploded amongst the lower levels. Solar4America Ice is booked solid from before dawn to past midnight with hockey games and skating lessons, with practices by the San Jose Sharks and San Jose Barracuda sprinkled in.

To honor the explosion of growth that hockey has seen in San Jose, the San Jose Sharks followed nine different hockey events:

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Ready for #HockeyDayInSanJose?In honor of 5������0������ years of NHL in the Bay, we're showcasing all levels of hockey played in San Jose today.

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Strong defense being played in the 16AAA game. ��#HockeyDayInSanJose

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Marleau, Pavelski, Hannan... These Mini Mite players sound familiar. ��#HockeyDayInSanJose

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Spotted: girls trying hockey for the first time today. ��#HockeyDayInSanJose

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: OT winners! The Jr. Sharks 16AAA team wins thanks to Alexander Barclay's OT goal. ��#HockeyDayInSanJose

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Intense game between the 14AA Jr. Sharks and Blackhawks here at @S4A_Ice!#HockeyDayInSanJose

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Our fifth youth hockey game of the day. ��#HockeyDayInSanJose

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: It's Jr. Sharks vs. Jr. Sharks facing off at the South Rink. #HockeyDayInSanJose

Tweet from @sjbarracuda: Cue the victory song. CUDA WIN 5-2! #SJBarracuda

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: The Jr. Sharks 14AA team ties the Santa Clara Blackhawks in a hard-fought game.#HockeyDayInSanJose

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Wrapping up our San Jose youth hockey coverage today with a high school hockey game.#HockeyDayInSanJose


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