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Ferraro's Home Workout Video

by Ann Frazier /

Feel like you can't get your workout in because you can't go to a gym?

Mario's here to help.  

Defenseman Mario Ferraro - aka the Youngest of Plugs on Youtube - made a video with workouts people can do while self-quarantining, sheltering in place, or just stuck at home without access to a gym. 

Watch: Home Workout For Quarantine | Mario Ferraro

BEFORE STARTING: stretch out however you prefer
NEED: two sturdy chairs

First workout

Three sets of:
15 pushups
15 situps
15 body weight squats

(Note: can shorten up the reps to whatever you're comfortable with)

Second workout

Three sets of: 
15 Decline pushups
15 Rear foot elevated squats
15 Unnamed core workout (full-body crunches) 
15 Tricep dips
15 Step ups
15 Plank to pushup planks

Cardio workout

Three sets of: 
15 seconds of high knees
15 seconds of lunge jumps
15 seconds of burpees

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