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A Behind the Scenes Look at Reimer and Hill's Sharks Masks

by Missy Zielinski /

Two new goalies on the Sharks roster means one thing...

Well, not one thing, but an exciting thing - NEW MASK ART!

You can really learn a lot about a goaltender through their mask and we got the opportunity to do just that.

Goaltenders Adin Hill and James Reimer, who were both acquired this past offseason, shared a behind-the-scenes look at their masks during Sharks Camp.

Hill took his mask to the deep seas with vibrant colors that will "make it pop when it's on the ice," according to the netminder.

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Our goaltender @Adin_Hill shares the inspiration behind the artwork on his new #SJSharks mask.How many sharks can you find? 👀

Parts of his mask were even designed by his younger brother and dad. If you look closely in the above video, Hill shows the details dedicated to them on a ship on the left side of the mask.

He also added 31 sharks to commemorate our 31st hockey season and pays tribute to a late goalie coach.

Reimer took a play on his nickname #OptimusReim and the movie Transformers while adding signature marks of the Sharks with teal and the logo.

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: James Reimer's mask is more than meets the eye 😏#OptimusReim x #SharksCamp

The back of his mask adds a personal touch.

The words "Ramona's Courage" are featured, which is a charity he's involved in. It also dons his favorite band, his two daughters' initials, Bible verses, and a mask from the movie Gladiator.

"It's one of my favorite movies and is a reminder to be competitive and work hard," Reimer said.

While we cannot wait to see how our new goalie tandem performs on the ice, rest assured, they'll look good in the crease.

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