Hey Panthers fans,

Our last game in Dallas was pretty crazy.

We didn’t start the way we wanted, but I thought we built our game throughout the match and in the third period we were pretty solid. We were just hard on pucks, so we got results.

Whether we’re playing with the lead or down a few goals, we’re confident. I think that’s a good thing about our group.

It was a good first game playing with Kyle Okposo, too. He’s a good passer and he brings a lot of work ethic and experience. It’s great to play with him.

We came into this road trip with a purpose. The Stars and Hurricanes are two tough teams to play against, two of the best in the NHL. We’re just trying to do our best and win those games.

When we got the news about the Global Series, it was pretty exciting. It’s going to be great to play in Finland next season. For the Finnish guys on the team, it’s going to be great for our friends and families to get to watch us. It’s not a place you can see the NHL live every day.

It can be hard to watch games on TV in Finland, but we follow along with the scores and highlights. The time difference is pretty tough, but every kid watches the NHL highlights.

As for what we’re going to do over there, I think we’re going to put that on Barky.

But I’m sure the boys will have to hit the saunas.

See you back in South Florida,

Eetu Luostarinen

*As told to’s Jameson Olive

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