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Welcome to FlaPanthers Gaming! FlaPanthers Gaming allows the club to interact with fans through live streams, tournaments, giveaways and more through a variety of e-sports and gaming activities.

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Fla Panthers Gaming News

FlaPanthers Gaming: Huberdeau Tops Barkov in NHL 20

In a battle between two of the Florida Panthers all-time great forwards, Jonathan Huberdeau topped captain Aleksander Barkov 2-0 in a best-of-three series of NHL 20. Read More

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"Sunrise Showdown" NHL 21 Online Tournament

Tournament Information

Platform: Xbox One & PlayStation 4

Region: North America

Tournament Start: December 5th at 3 p.m. ET

Format: Single Elimination Tournament

  • December 5th beginning at 3 p.m. ET - Tournament is played up to the quarterfinals (final 8 teams left)
  • December 12th beginning at 5 p.m. ET - Tournament resumes with final 8 teams to crown the champion

Match Structure: Best of 3 matches

Participation Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older and reside in the United States or Canada 
  • Must have the ability to play EA Sports NHL 21 on the XBOX One or PlayStation 4. Entry on both platforms will not be permitted.
  • Must have a valid EA account linked to NHL 21 
  • Must have access to via web browser
  • Must have access to Discord via application or browser

Tournament Schedule

  • A maximum of 128 players per bracket per game console
  • Format for the entire tournament is single elimination, best of three
  • The opening stage of the XBOX One and PlayStation 4 tournaments will be held on Dec. 5 beginning at 3 p.m. ET. On this day, both brackets will be reduced from 128 down to eight players.
  • The final stage of the XBOX One and PlayStation 4 tournaments will be held on Dec. 12 beginning at 5 p.m. ET. On this day, the final eight players on each console will play until each champion is crowned.

Match Details

  • The higher-seeded player will serve as the host each game.
  • It is the job of the host to invite their opponent to each game.
  • Gamertags can be exchanged via Discord or the match portal on Level Gaming.
  • To get to the match portal, select current matchup within the bracket on Level Gaming and then select the "Manage Match" button.
  • The winning player must submit final scores in Level Gaming's match portal.
  • Players will have 15 minutes to set up their match once they've advanced.
  • If a player does not make contact after 15 minutes, they will forfeit the match.
  • No puck ragging: A team may not use any unfair tactic in an attempt to run out the clock. This includes: possessing the puck in the defensive zone without making an attempt to progress the puck into the neutral zone or continually resetting by leaving the offensive zone in order to waste time.
  • Mercy Rule: If at any point a team goes up by 7 goals, their opponent forfeits that game and the next is played.
  • Pre-Game Lagout: In the event of a pre-game lagout, simply restart the game. Pre-game lagouts occur when a player lags out prior to puck drop. Any goals scored following a pre-game lagout will NOT count.
  • In-Game Lagout: 1st lagout - The team who caused the lag out will take a penalty to provide the opposing team with a power play at the beginning of the restart. Example: Team A has a player lagout during the 3rd period with 2 minutes left. Let the clock run down to 2 minutes, Team B draws a penalty to give Team A their power play - 2nd lagout - Same as first time but take two penalties - 3rd lagout - Automatic loss, score input as 1-0.

Game Settings

If any game settings are not mentioned in the list below, they shall be left at the default value:

  • Game Mode: Versus
  • Difficulty: All-Star
  • Period Length: 4 Minutes
  • Game Type: Competitive
  • Rules: NHL
  • Fighting: On
  • Penalties: On
  • Injuries: Off
  • Offsides: Delayed
  • Icing: Hybrid Icing
  • Tie Break: 3-on-3 OT followed by Shootout
  • Control Goalie in Shootout: On
  • Position Lock: No
  • Teams: NHL teams only with current standard rosters. (No All-Star Teams, International Teams, Etc.)


  • The first-place winners of the XBOX One and PlayStation 4 tournaments will each receive one Florida Panthers jersey and the opportunity to play a game of NHL 21 with a Panthers personality.
  • The second-place finishers of the XBOX One and PlayStation 4 tournaments will each receive one $100 digital gift card to the FLA Team Shop (