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Like a Boss #13 | #AskGeoffCHC

Geoff Molson answers fan questions about retooling for the future, player contracts, and the Olympics

by Steven Nechay @CanadiensMTL / HabsTV

Like a Boss #13

Marc Bergevin's plan for next season? #AskGeoffCHC

Geoff Molson answers your questions about the plan for next season, player contracts and the NHL at the Olympics in this episode of Like a Boss

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HabsTV sat down with Geoff Molson in the National Bank Director's Lounge at the Bell Centre as the Canadiens president and CEO took to Facebook and Twitter to answer fan questions about the club's on-ice future, player contracts, and the NHL at the Olympics.

Question from Sebastien Tison on Twitter:
What is Marc Bergevin's plan to get the CH back on track? How many years will it take to see a competitive and exciting team?

Thank you Sebastien, for the question.

I think Marc addressed that this week [in his trade deadline press conference]; the plan for the team in the future, and over the summer is to bring a bit more youth, speed, and character to the lineup.

Still, I think we do already have a core of players who are very good, and who have shown over the last few years that this is a team that's capable of winning.

We've had a tough year this year, but I'm convinced Marc is going to do everything he can to come back ready in September with a good team.

Question from Rene Pouliot on Facebook:
Why is it that in the NHL, players don't have a base salary and then performance bonuses? I get the impression that would give fans more value for their money.

Thank you, Rene.

The answer is there are certain players in the NHL who do have a base salary and additional performance bonuses. Not every player has that, but there are some who do.

So it's an option when negotiating a contract, and it's something a GM can use to create additional performance incentives during a season.

Question from Mario Perrazzino on Twitter:
The Winter Olympics proved once again to be a ratings bonanza. Are you convinced that in four years the NHL should return to the Olympics, where countries can showcase their best, including the sport of hockey?

Thank you, Mario.

I really enjoyed watching the hockey this year. I also enjoyed watching the female hockey this year, so both were really exciting to me.

I think over the course of the next four years, the NHL will make an attempt to try and return to the Olympics.

I can't say for sure today whether we will or not, but it certainly is nice to see the best players in the world competing on the world stage at the Olympics.

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