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Dell talks about his tattoos and championship experience with the Allen Americans

by Aaron Dell @ADell32 / Sharks Goaltender

Being in Dallas last week, I got to meet up with some guys from the Allen Americans, who I played with for a few seasons. It was a good time the whole time I was in Allen. Lots of good memories, but I don't think anything compared to winning the championship there.

In Allen, we were the top place team in the league. We were a little more excited knowing that we really had a chance to go all the way. When you're a team like that, you don't really dread playing against certain teams. It was pretty exciting. 

In the playoffs, there was only three playoff series in the league at the time, with only eight or ten teams I think. It was pretty crazy. We kind of had a storybook ending in 2013. Game 7 overtime, came back from being down two to nothing. I don't think you could have wrote it any better.

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I got a new tattoo while I was in Dallas. The tattoo artist, she's a big Sharks fan. She said if you have any down time in Dallas that she'd have a spot for me, so I took her up on that. I had an idea for a spot on my elbow. I didn't want to do your typical spiderweb or anything like that, so I went with a shark jawbone and then some smoke and stuff to kind of fill the area around it.

Tweet from @jessiehearttat2: Worked on this badass goalie type dude today, he sat like a champ! Thanks @ADell32 #sanjosesharks

I have a few other tattoos. I've got one on my chest that's the logo from college, the North Dakota Fighting Sioux. I got that one when I was twenty. I also have the Allen logo on my calf with the championship, which I got the summer after that year. 

I added a couple more this past summer. I have the wolf on my shoulder, which represents family and loyalty. And then I have an owl on my forearm that's not finished yet that represents wisdom and perseverance.

I've always kind of liked tattoos, but I've never really had the time or money to get them. Always so busy, and finances were tight until this year. I've finally had some time and income to do it, so I've been able to get around to doing it.

As for being nominated for the Masterton Trophy, it's an honor. I don't even really know how to explain it. There's a lot of great players that could have deserved it, so it's just an honor to be nominated. 

Until next time! 

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