Get to know Margaret O'Toole as she is this week's JackpotCity Hitting the JackpOTT Fan Profile! Margaret tells us all about growing up in a big hockey family, shares some great memories, and talks about some of her favourite experiences from past Ottawa Senators games. Let's get into it!


Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m born and raised in Ottawa, specifically Bells Corners, and have been a life long Sens fan. I currently live in downtown Toronto, work in the music industry and go to a lot of concerts! I grew up in a big hockey family, my sisters and I all played, and my dad was our coach. It’s definitely always been my favourite of any sport to both watch and play - I still play every week in a women’s rec league at a great community rink!

What does being a Sens fan mean to you?

Being a Sens fan is a way of life to me. My dad was a seasons ticket holder as soon as the franchise came back to Ottawa. I’m lucky that I got to see so many games with him, and that we had a very close relationship with so many shared interests, including hockey and the Sens. He passed away a few years ago so those are very special memories - I love being a Sens fan because he was.

Being a Sens fan has also let me connect with so many people. I’ve loved analyzing and discussing the team with the online community of fans for over a decade. There’s been some ups and downs for Sens fans over those years, so having a group to crack jokes with and support the team through it all has been fun. One of the best friendships I have today was made through our shared hobbies of tennis and Sens hockey. I even successfully converted my boyfriend to a Sens fan, it's been really fun to watch games together and teach him the fandom history.

Where is your favourite place to watch the game?

I love going out to watch games with friends. Over the years living in Toronto I’ve done the groundwork to find some “Sens friendly” sports bars. Shout out to my favs St.Louis on Bloor, The Monarch Tavern and Peaches. Having a few places where you know they’ll put the game on for you is key, and it’s usually because someone who works there is a Sens fan too. You need to be a little strategic picking which games to go watch, so that there isn’t too much competition from the Leafs/Raptors that night.

I will say, watching a game in person at the Canadian Tire Centre can’t be beat. Since I live in Toronto, it feels so great to be surrounded by other Sens fans. I always make it to a few games each season, usually the home opener, one or two at Christmas, and another in the spring. I actually added it up recently and the last seven games I’ve been to in person the Sens have won! Pretty good run!

What is your coolest experience at a game, where was it?

I’ve been to a couple of big moments in Sens history that were very cool to be at in person. In 2014 I was in the building when Daniel Alfredsson signed his one day contract to retire as an Ottawa Senator. I went home from university in the middle of exam season for that one! I also got to see Alfie’s jersey retirement ceremony a couple years later. And by lucky timing, I was at his first home game behind the bench as an assistant coach this past December. The Alfie trifecta!

Do you have any gameday superstitions?

This is very niche, but I’ll never pick up a goalie in my fantasy hockey league that’s playing against the Sens that day. It’s like rooting against them - I just can’t do it!

During the 2021 season when the NHL did the Canadian division, and we were all just watching at home, I was a little more superstitious. I’d always make sure I was wearing a jersey or other Sens merchandise.

What’s your favourite piece of Sens merch?

Oh that’s a tough one, I have quite the collection. I really like vintage clothing, and over the years I’ve found some great 90’s Sens pieces online or at vintage stores. The piece of merch I wear the most is a grey crew neck sweater from the inaugural season. My most treasured piece is a T-shirt that my dad got on opening night in ‘92 featuring a great “Dawn of a New Era'' graphic. But my favourite piece to wear is my vintage black satin bomber jacket, very “Sens but make it fashion”.

I have a few great jerseys too; black heritage Alfredsson, red reverse retro Chabot, early 2000s white, and early 90s black with red stripes. I’m currently on the hunt for an original #39 red Senagoth Jason Spezza jersey.

Who is your favourite Sens player and why?

My favourite current Sens player is Claude Giroux. He is such an intelligent player with incredible knowledge of the game, always delivers and plays with tenacity. Not surprising that the same can be said of my favourite all time Sens player, Daniel Alfredsson.

Who is your favourite Sens influencer?

My fav Sens influencer is Beata (twitter handle: @CBeataE). I’m a big fan of her podcast Elite Sens Brain and her writing for Silver Seven Sens.

What is your all-time favourite Sens memory?

Favourite all time Sens memory is a tricky one to choose! It’s gotta be watching with my dad when Daniel Alfredsson scored the overtime goal against Buffalo to send the Sens to the Stanley Cup Finals. After the game my sister and I biked around the neighbourhood in our jerseys, and had posters to get cars to honk for the Sens

Where can other fans find you (if you want to plug your socials)?

I’m on Twitter, TikTok, and on Instagram