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The Ottawa Senators Community Foundation received a generous donation last week, coming in the form of 1000 hockey sticks. The foundation distributed the sticks to two charities: Their Opportunity and Tim Hortons Camps.

Their Opportunity is a charity that “has the vision to educate, uplift and support children to overcome barriers through the strength of sport and generosity.”

Tim Hortons Camps provide fun and educational camp environments to children from low-income families and backgrounds who would otherwise be unable to access such amenities.

Graeme Roustan, owner of Canada’s only hockey stick factory and publisher of The Hockey News, was the source of the donation. Roustan grew up loving the sport of hockey and spent his time playing. He understands that not every child has access to the equipment needed to play — equipment such as hockey sticks.

Rather than taking credit for the donation himself, Roustan offered a humble reason to why he did it. “My mother, Ivy Draper, lived in Carleton Place for thirty-five years up until her passing in 2022,” he explained. “She taught me everything I know about giving back to the community, so all the thanks and credit must go to Mom.”

Whether the credit goes to Roustan or his mother, the generosity of his donation will mean that 1000 pairs of hands will have access to hockey sticks and all the benefits that come with playing the sport of hockey.

The Ottawa Senators Community Foundation issued a statement in response to Roustan’s donation:

"We are appreciative of this gift, which supports our mission of helping youth from underserved communities achieve their full potential. The Senators Community Foundation, through partnership, wants to support and equip children and youth with the skills they need to reach their potential. We know that young people are natural problem solvers – all they need is the opportunity. By working in partnership with organizations like Tim Hortons and Their Opportunity, we know that they can develop the resilience, strength, social and emotional skills they need to thrive in their lives. Wellness through sport and activity is an important element of the Sens Community Foundation, and that is why we are so pleased with this gift."

More information on the story of Roustan’s donation can be found here.

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