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Last weekend was action-packed, with the NHL Draft on Friday and Saturday followed by the start of free agency on Monday. The excitement didn't end there for Sens fans, as Senators' development camp began on Tuesday. It's time to look back on the week that saw 28 skaters and five goaltenders between the ages of 17 and 22 spend the week in Ottawa to train both on and off the ice.

Tuesday, July 2

Day one of development camp started at the Canadian Tire Centre, kicking off with equipment fittings, fitness testing, and player headshots. After lunch, it was off to the Sensplex to hit the ice. Following their practice, prospects were available to the media for their first interviews of the week.

Wednesday, July 3

Yakemchuk, Eliasson, Shean Donovan Development Camp

Day two of development camp began on the ice, followed by a media availability. In the afternoon, players split into groups for a several classroom seminars for off-ice training. Day two was special for one player in particular. That afternoon, defenceman Matthew Andonovski signed a three-year entry-level contract with the team.

Thursday, July 4

Thursday morning kicked off with a brief skate at the Sensplex for some of the skaters and goaltenders. Beginning with a lesson from skating consultant Shelley Kettles, the groups then split into hockey drills.

That afternoon, the day took a fun twist as three players from the Ottawa Black Bears lacrosse team of the NLL visited the Canadian Tire Centre to teach the prospects lacrosse. Jake Gasperetti, Will Johnston, and Nathan Grenon led several lacrosse drills to teach the Sens prospects the fundamentals of lacrosse. Split into four stations, the players learned the basics of shooting, passing, and face-offs. The afternoon finished off with a series of scrimmages that saw high spirits and compete.

Friday, July 5

On Friday morning, the final day of camp, the Senators hosted the 3-on-3 tournament which saw the prospects grouped into five teams of skaters. The event was hosted at the Bell Sensplex, the team’s practice facility, and was open to Season Seat Members.

3-on-3 teams

Team Black
Team Red
Team White
Team Blue
Team Green
#36 Eerik Wallenius
#42 Oliver Johansson
#51 Anthony Cristoforo
#47 Owen Beckner
#49 Eliot L'Italien
#44 Niall Crocker
#48 Stuart Rolofs
#62 Theo Wallberg
#53 Javon Moore
#56 Jorian Donovan
#46 Filip Nordberg
#58 Carter Yakemchuk
#63 Oskar Pettersson
#64 Tyson Dyck
#67 Landen Ward
#78 Gabriel Eliasson
#60 Connor Lockhart
#74 Cam O'Neill
#68 Ryan Humphrey
#83 Stephen Halliday
#91 Lucas Ellinas
#82 Matthew Andonovski
#81 Blake Montgomery
#79 Hoyt Stanley
#90 Lucas Moore
#93 Nicholas VanTassell

Following five round-robin two-game matchups, the top four teams faced off in two semifinal games.

Team Red and Team Blue faced off in the championship final, with Team Red squeaking out a 1-0 win — but not without controversy. Team Blue scored a game-tying goal just moments after the final buzzer sounded. The call on the ice was no goal, meaning Team Red stole the victory.

On the winning team were Stuart Rolofs, Oliver Johansson, Matthew Andonovski, Connor Lockhart, and Carter Yakemchuk. The honour of scoring the championship-winning goal went to Connor Lockhart.

Game results

Matchup 1
Matchup 2
First round
Blue vs. Green
Blue (1-0)
Black vs. Red
Black (1-0)
Second round
Blue vs. Red
Tie (0-0)
Black vs. White
Tie (0-0)
Third round
Green vs. Black
Green (2-0)
White vs. Red
White (2-1)
Fourth round
Blue vs. Black
Blue (2-0)
Green vs. White
Green (2-0)
Fifth round
White vs. Blue
Tie (0-0)
Red vs. Green
Red (3-1)
Blue vs. Green
Blue (1-0)
Red vs. White
Red (2-0)
Red vs. Blue
Red (1-0)

Development Camp post three-on-three media

Following the completion of the tournament, the prospects returned to the Canadian Tire Centre, where the camp's annual Jonathan Pitre Memorial Trophy was awarded. The trophy, which goes to the camp's hardest working player, is named after Jonathan Pitre, a young Ottawa Senators fan who was born with a rare genetic mutation called recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. Pitre, whose spirit embodied the determination and dedication that it takes to win the award named in his honour, previously spoke at the Ottawa Senators' development camp in 2016.

This year's recipient of the Jonathan Pitre Memoiral Trophy was Jorian Donovan, who joins a group of notable past-winners including current Senators Brady Tkachuk, Tyler Kleven, and Ridly Greig.

This year's development camp was packed with action — lacrosse, a contract signing, the 3-on-3 tournament, and more. The week allowed for fans to get their first glimpse at new faces and for first-time attendees to get a feel for what it means to be an Ottawa Senator.

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