Notice September 24, 2023

A recent update to the NHL (Sens) app may require action on your part to view, access and manage your tickets. Please complete the following steps if unable to connect:

  1. Search for the NHL app in the app store on your mobile device
  2. Install the update
  3. Open app and follow the steps required to follow/favourite the Sens

Once connected, you will notice the navigation has changed. ‘Manage Tickets" can now be found under the Tickets link at the top of the screen.

If planning to utilize the Sens app, we recommend you take these steps in advance of your arrival at Canadian Tire Centre to expedite your entry.

Top Tips

1. We recommend utilizing the NHL app for the most streamlined entry experience

2. Screenshots of tickets won't work and must be transferred through the mobile app

3. The mobile ticket guidelines below are specific to tickets purchased through the Ottawa Senators/My Sens Account

Mobile Ticketing


What if I don't have a Data Plan?

Gates at Canadian Tire Centre are equipped with public wi-fi to expedite entry for those without data plans.  

To access public wi-fi:

a.   Navigate to settings on your mobile device

b.   Under Wi-Fi select "MobileTickets"

Unfortunately due to proximity from the building Wi-Fi is not available in our parking lots. For ease of entry we suggest adding parking and tickets to your mobile wallet before leaving for the event.

Having issues logging in to My Sens Account or accessing tickets once logged in?
  • Try Sign Up instead of Sign In, the system will prompt you to create an account with your email address or let you know you already have one 

  • On a desktop computer, exit out of everything and clear your browsing history and/or restart your computer 

  • On a desktop computer, make sure your web browser is up to date, Google Chrome is recommended  

  • On smart phone or desktop, sign out of your My Sens Account and back in  

  • On a smart phone, logout of the NHL app and turn your phone off & back on 

  • On a smart phone, update the NHL app 

    • You may need to delete and re-install the app 
  • On a smart phone mobile browser, under the book icon located at the bottom of your screen, clear history 

  • If you clicked on "accept tickets" in the transfer email and get an expired message, you've likely already claimed the tickets and can now login to the same account on the NHL app to view your barcodes. 

  • If you sent an email and the recipient hasn't received it, you may have mistyped their email address and need to reclaim and resend the transfer offer using your account or app

Are you trying to scan a screenshot of your ticket?

Screenshots cannot be used as a way to access the venue. If the ticket you are trying to scan is NOT a screenshot but you are still receiving an error, try to log out and back in to your account. If you continue to receive an error, please refer to the trouble shooting suggestions above.