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This weeks JackpotCity Hitting the JackpOTT Fan Profile is Julio Hashem. Get to know him as he talks about growing up in Ottawa, raising two young Sens fans, and tells us about some of his coolest experiences at a Senators game. Without further ado, let's dive into it!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Born and raised in Ottawa (home of the Ottawa Senators) to the best Lebanese immigrant parents I could ever ask for. I was 9 years old when we finally got a team, and thank goodness because who knows how I would've turned out if that never happened??? Leafs? Habs? Ewwww... Anyways, I'm now married with two young children who are also being raised as Sens fans. The oldest spots and yells "Brady!!!" any time #7 is on the screen, while the youngest, who is just learning to talk, recognizes "hockey!!!" on the screen and yells "Go Sens Go!!!" ...they both know to boo the Leafs and their fans when they show up on screen, to the point where I had to tell them they shouldn't boo during the national anthem.

What does being a Sens fan mean to you?

It means being loyal through thick and thin. We've had many tough years, but I also look back on the last 3 decades and remember some pretty awesome times. It means being a small market, a newer franchise, wedged between two original six markets, and constantly fighting for our spot in the limelight. It means being fun, being able to laugh at ourselves, being able to experience true joy when the time comes. It means Praise Alfie and Bless Spartacat. It means GO SENS GO!

Where is your favourite place to watch the game?

Canadian Tire Centre, duh!! Best rink, best fans, with the best sightlines on the planet. My watching partner of choice is my older brother.

Otherwise, at home on the couch is just fine with me.

What is your coolest experience at a game, where was it?

Ooof, so many to think through. The coolest had to be game 3 of the 2007 Stanley Cup Final. My brother and I had our own 300 level tickets, but we were super fortunate to be gifted 100 level seats ON THE GLASS (I will not reveal the source of these tickets).

Row A is not my ideal place to watch a game from, not gonna lie, but watching the Sens win their first ever Cup Final game from the front row is something I appreciate and will never forget as long as I live.

*runner up: bringing my son to his first ever game last season, another moment I will never forget

**runner runner up: The Sens beatdown of the Habs in the playoffs, the birth of the "Pageau Pageau Pageau Pageau" chant, a truly special night.

Do you have any gameday superstitions?

I am quite superstitious. I won't wear clothing with ANY of the opponents colours on gameday (yes - including underwear - too much info, I know). If the Sens won the last game, I'll wear the same clothes the next time. If they lose, I'll switch it up. When I was younger it was MUCH worse. During the glory days, I would set the radio volume to either 11 (Alfie), 15 (Heatley), or 19 (Spezza). During the 2007 run, I would eat the same lunch if the team won the game before, and switch it up if they lost. Same goes for jersey choice when going to a game. (I am proudly 3-0 at CTC this season... cough cough).

What’s your favourite piece of Sens merch?

I've got an Alfie red Senagoth jersey with the 2007 Cup Final patch on it, I own many jerseys but this one is still my fav of the bunch. I bought it as a blank jersey with no name at the beginning of the 2007 playoffs, and said if we go on a run, I'll get the most important player on the back. So... I put Alfie and that patch on it.

Who is your favourite Sens player and why?

Current: Brady Tkachuk. He's the captain this city needs. I love the heart and passion he shows on the ice. I especially love how he is with the fans, specifically the kids. From the outside looking in, it seems like he always has time for the kids and that's what it's all about. He's also a pretty damn good hockey player and his goal cellys are always ridiculously hilarious. My wife is a HUGE Jakob Chychrun fan and while I like to think it's for the same reasons I like him (great player, local boy, seems like a good guy), deep down I know it's really for how attracted she is to him. I am okay with this.

Past: Alfie. No explanation needed.

Who is your favourite Sens influencer?

Frank Senators. Twitter user: @sleepenbaker. He doesn't post on Twitter anymore but you can find him on BlueSky, same handle. He was always one of my main influences on Twitter, and you guys still owe him $10,000 by the way (this was his main bit).

What is your all-time favourite Sens memory?

2007, Alfie sending us to the Cup Final. I seriously hope this is surpassed one day soon with Brady lifting the Cup for the Sens.

Where can other fans find you (if you want to plug your socials)?

@JulioHashem on Twitter and BlueSky (not nearly as often but I'm still there)