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Seguin gets questionable first rock-paper-scissors win over Scheifele

What exactly did the Stars forward throw to win? @NHLdotcom

Seguin, Scheifele square off

WPG@DAL: Seguin tops Scheifele in rock-paper-scissors

Tyler Seguin and Mark Scheifele meet in another battle of rock-paper-scissors to determine who will leave the ice first after warmups in Dallas

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Tyler Seguin finally beat Mark Scheifele at rock-paper-scissors, kind of.

The Dallas Stars forward and Winnipeg Jets forward have a standing game of R-P-S that takes place at the end of warmups whenever their teams play.

They have played twice before. Twice Scheifele has won.

Before Monday's game, Seguin... won?

Video of the matchup showed Scheifele clearly threw out scissors.

But Seguin? He kind of threw a rock/paper hybrid with wiggling, rounded fingers.

Tweet from @DallasStars: Seguin had that home ice advantage against Scheifele tonight. Rock wins it!

Scheifele walked off in disbelief. A laughing Seguin followed knowing he protected home ice.

Let's hope this is a best of seven series.

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