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Short Shifts

Tyler Seguin, Mark Scheifele play rock-paper-scissors

Stars, Jets forwards had to decide who would leave ice last @NHL

Rock, paper, scissors

Scheifele and Seguin play rock, paper, scissors

What better way to decide who's last off the ice?

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Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin and Winnipeg Jets forward Mark Scheifele engaged in a little battle before the puck even dropped on Thursday.

Both wanted to be the last one to leave the ice at the end of warmups, and came to a resolution through the only proper way to settle a score; a game of rock-paper-scissors.

These two competitive minds thought alike until the fourth draw. Scheifele won with the scissors-rock-paper-scissors combo to Seguin's scissors-rock-paper-paper.

Tweet from @markscheifele55: Scissors always wins �� @tseguinofficial

Seguin will have an opportunity to avenge the loss on Nov. 8 when the Stars travel to Winnipeg for a rematch.

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