Homecoming: The Return of The Winnipeg Jets is a four-part audio documentary hosted by Jets Sr. Host/Producer Sara Orlesky.

The series will reflect on the lead-up to the NHL’s return to Winnipeg and the milestones of the first season. From the stories of those who worked quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes and the herculean efforts to get from announcement to home opening puck drop in only 131 days to reminiscing about those first-season storylines, fans will have a fun look back at the behind-the-scenes moments of a season that was like no other in sporting history.

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May 31, 2011 will be a day forever circled in Winnipeg Sports history but the story of how the NHL returned to the city, who’s heart it had broken 15 years before, starts long before that. Sara Orlesky has had a front-row seat to the story and with the help of the people who worked to return the team back brings you the first episode of this four-part audio documentary.


The announcement had been made and the race to the start of the season was on. Sara Orlesky had a front-row seat since the beginning of the NHL's return to Winnipeg and with the help of players and staff, you too will get access to the stories of the summer of 2011 in episode two of Homecoming.


As the calendar turned to September and players began to arrive in Winnipeg, the focus for hockey fans in the city could finally shift from what could be to what would be – the NHL had returned to the city it left 15 years earlier and the season was just around the corner. Sara Orlesky hosts episode three of Homecoming: The Return of the Winnipeg Jets.


In the series finale of Homecoming - The Winnipeg Jets first season in the city produced a lot of memorable moments — how could it not — whether it be goals or games, highlights on the ice AND off. Some of them lasted for a minute or a night, some laid the groundwork for years to come and continue to this day. Through a mix of archival and new interviews, this is a look back at one of the most memorable years in Winnipeg sports history.

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