Jets 360

What is JETS 360?

Jets 360 is a FREE to join rewards program available in the official Winnipeg Jets Mobile app. The program offers a unique way for fans to complete challenges, earn Pucks (program currency), and enter exclusive contests for things like Tickets, Merch, and more!



Fans can perform unique actions a specific set number of times to complete challenges which are displayed within the app. Challenges include visiting local landmarks, hockey arenas, answering trivia questions, and more.


There are a fixed number of challenges to complete at each level in order to unlock the next. Complete all 9 levels and you will be entered to win an ultimate JETS 360 Prize package. Details below.


Each time a fan levels up, they will earn pucks and badges. Season Ticket Members will also have access to exclusive contests and discounts. Note: Pucks reset on June 30.


Fans can exchange pucks collected from level progression to claim merchandise or enter contests for tickets, merchandise packages, experiences, and more!


Through Jets 360, Season Ticket Members can access their Member discounts of up to 25% Off Fan Favourite Items.

Fan Favourite items include:
• Beer, all offerings including craft
• Coolers
• Popcorn
• Pizza
• Fountain soda
• Water


Members* who complete all 9 levels of Jets 360 by June 30th, 2025 will be eligible to win an exclusive Jets 360 Ultimate Fan Prize Pack. Package details TBD at this time.


Stay connected to your Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose with 24/7/365 access to news, standings, rosters and exclusive JETS 360 contests and rewards.


What is Jets 360?

Jets 360 is the new official rewards program of the Winnipeg Jets, Manitoba Moose and Canada Life Centre. Once you sign up for the program, you can start to complete challenges to achieve new levels and earn Pucks towards amazing rewards, including contests for one-of-a-kind experiences, unique items, and memorabilia. More details are outlined in the questions below.

How Does Jets 360 Work?

The program is free to join - simply sign up through the Official Winnipeg Jets App. Jets 360 is based on a progression system of unlocking benefits. Here is a breakdown of how the program works:


Fans are encouraged to perform a specific set of actions to complete challenges. Each action will need to be done a set number of times which will be displayed within the app. Fulfilling different challenges is a requirement to level up - higher levels will require more challenges to be completed


There are a fixed number of challenges that needs to be completed at each level to unlock the next. Level completions become progressively more difficult as you rank up.


Each time a fan levels up, they earn pucks, and may also receive instant rewards from time to time.


Fans can use their pucks collected from level progression for contest participations and other rewards. Season Ticket Members will also have access to an exclusive set of contests, rewards, and benefits.

Do I Need a Smartphone to Participate in the Program?

Yes - as a Jets 360 member, you will require a smartphone to access your Jets 360 ID (QR Code) to complete challenges and spend your Pucks.

The smartphone will also need to be able to run iOS 15 and newer (for Apple devices) / Android 9 and newer (for Android devices)

How Do I Use My Jets 360 ID (QR Code)?

Your Jets 360 ID (QR Code) can be accessed after signing up for the Jets 360 Reward Program, and by pressing the QR Code Icon in the top right corner of the "Home" tab or the of the "Jets 360" tab within the Official Winnipeg Jets App. You can scan your Jets 360 ID at both Jets Gear and Concession points of sale to progress in Jets 360 Challenges.

How Do Contests Work?

Contests offered through Jets 360 are like raffles or prize drawings in which you enter and if your number is drawn, you win the contest.

For each contest item you wish to enter, there is a set number of Pucks that each contest requires. By clicking the 'Enter/Participate' button on each item in the Puck Store, you are using the preset number of Pucks required to enter the contest one (1) time. You may also select the number of times that you wish to enter the contest up to the maximum number of entries allowed. Pucks used on contest entries are not returned if you do not win the contest.

Contest winner(s) is/are randomly selected from the pool of entries after the contest has closed and will be contacted by either email, app notification, or by phone. In cases of not being able to reach the winner, a new winner will be chosen from the pool and entries.

As a Season Ticket Member, How Do I Access My Benefits/Discounts?

Season Ticket Members will need to enroll in the Jets 360 Program and link their Ticketmaster account. Benefits will then be loaded in their account based on their membership status (Full /Half/Quarter) and applied by scanning their Jets 360 ID (QR Code) at arena concessions and Jets Gear locations. You will be able to see if your account is properly linked if you can see your Membership listed under your name in the "More" tab of the Official Winnipeg Jets app.

As a Season Ticket Member, Can I Opt Out of Jets 360?

Program enrollment is highly encouraged but not required for Season Ticket Members and official Share Partners. However, the Jets 360 ID (QR code) is how you will access your exclusive Member and Share Partner discounts (once you link your Ticketmaster account) and will track purchases towards leveling up.

Any questions surrounding Program Accessibilty can be made directly to our Membership Services team. Please reach out to your Dedicated Account Representative, or to [email protected] for assistance.

Whom Should I Contact with Questions, Concerns, or Suggestions About the Program or My Account?

We appreciate all feedback and are always happy to answer questions. Please contact us via email at [email protected] or reach out to your Dedicated Account Executive. If you are in the arena, please visit one of the following locations:

  • Membership Central outside of Section 101/102
  • Guest Services desk located at the south end of the Scotiabank Premium Suites Concourse.
  • Upper Concourse outside of Section 325.
How do I earn Pucks?

Pucks are either provided as a gift or earned by leveling up through completing required challenges through activities that you as a fan already do, like attending Moose and Jets games or purchasing Food and Jets gear. Learn more in the Challenges section.

Do Pucks, Rewards, and Level Status Expire?

Yes. As mentioned in the program's Terms and Conditions, Pucks, levels, and challenge progress will reset back to zero (0) at the end of the day on June 30 each calendar year. Each fan will begin at Level 1 on July 1st in each calendar year and can begin to accumulate new pucks. We will send a push notification reminders to ensure members are aware of any upcoming expiry deadlines.

Any Rewards that a member has earned will be active based on a specific expiry date, which will be visible in the "Rewards" section.

As a Share Partner, how do I gain access to my Benefits?

If you are a Share Partner will need to enroll in the Jets 360 program and link their Ticketmaster account. Prior to this, they need to be identified as Share Partners by the primary season ticket member account owner in the form that that was sent. Benefits will then be loaded in your account based on your membership and applied by scanning your JETS 360 ID (QR Code) at arena concessions and Jets Gear stores.

Please ensure that the Primary account holder has the correct Ticketmaster email for your account, otherwise your benefits will not be properly recognized.

Can I delete my Jets 360 account?

Yes. You may delete your account at any time by going to the "More" tab, clicking "Account Details", scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the "Delete My Account" button.

Please note: upon deleting your account, all Jets 360 progress and data is removed from our servers and cannot be recovered.

For any Jets 360 related questions or information regarding challenges, contests, and rewards (including Jets Gear or Food & Beverage tracking or discounts) please contact us at [email protected].

Jets 360 Terms & Conditions