Oliver Kylington on Sunday's win over Arizona:

"It wasn’t a game that we usually like to play, being a very open game, a back-and-forth game. We want to play with a little more structure, and work more for our chances and not give as much as we did last game. We’ll face a different opponent tonight, it’ll be an interesting one."

On playing spoiler tonight in Vancouver:

"I think we’re still focusing on our process, we don’t want them to clinch first place, we want to try to stop them (from doing) that, so we just have to focus on our play and come out ready."

On suiting up for his 200th career game tonight:

"Special night, just fun. I’m just going to approach it as any other game, but it’s fun that it’s 200 now, and I’m gonna try to keep going as long as I can."

"We don’t want them to clinch first place"

Andrew Mangiapane on the final week of the season:

"We just want to go out there and play our best game that we can. That’s been our mindset throughout the last handful of games or so, when we got knocked out; keep plucking away, keep playing the right way and just try to learn and build for next year. I think a lot of guys are going to be coming back, a lot of young guys, so you don’t want to pick up bad habits or things like that, you just want to keep playing the way you know how and keep growing."

On the frustrations of missing the playoffs:

"It’s tough, I think every year you want to make the playoffs, that’s why we all play and that’s the first step of our goal, realistically. It’s a challenge, it’s a tough league to do that in; we’ve got to learn, get better, put in the work in the off-season and come back ready. It’s a tough league to win games, and that’s why even these last two games are important for us, learning-wise; it’s always tough to win games, so let’s just try to win these two."

Mikael Backlund on the compete level from his group:

"I think the character’s been great all year; guys have done a great job all year, regardless of rumours or the position we were in. Tough start, lost six in a row pretty early, and guys have been battling all year. After the deadline, personnel changed and the guys coming in have done a great job, too, battling."

On Weegar and Kadri chasing 20 and 30 goals, respectively:

"If you have a chance to pass to one of those guys instead of shooting yourself, you’ll look to do that unless you know you have a lot better chance to score by shooting. At the same time, it’s a fast game, when we’re out there, we just go but you know in the back of your head, you know which guys are close to reaching some pretty big milestones."

"The character’s been great all year"

Head Coach Ryan Huska on facing the Canucks tonight:

"The start, for one, is important for us, I think it’s important that we still make it a priority with how we expect everyone to play and how we expect to show up. The great test for us in here tonight, is this is a first-place team. They start really hard in their own building, so we want to make sure we’re ready to go. It should be a good night and a good effort from our guys."

On his group's character down the stretch:

"I feel like we’ve had a pretty good handle on the character for a long time, there’s a lot of good people in our room. This is a tough time of year, we’re finding out, with us being out of it, but they continue to come and play. MacKenzie Weegar’s always one guy that jumps to the forefront, ‘cause he’s a guy that wears his heart on his sleeve - that silly cliche - but he does, and that matters because it rubs off on other people. We don’t want to be in this situation where we’re on the outside, looking in, and it’s important that we treat these last couple of games the right way, because that’ll help us move forward."

On Weegar and Kadri chasing goal milestones tonight:

"For them, I would love to see it. It’s important for them, so I would like to see them get those opportunities. I’d rather see a win, and I’d rather see us play the right way, for sure, but if we can do both of those things, it’d make for a good night."

"There’s a lot of good people in our room"

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