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Inaugural 'Coyotes Day' Demonstrates Community Growth in Gilbert

Town of Gilbert celebrated its first 'Arizona Coyotes Day' on Saturday

by Alex Kinkopf @AEKinkopf / Arizona Coyotes

Hundreds of residents packed the Gilbert Farmer's Market on a beautiful, sun-soaked chilly Saturday morning as families enjoyed a large assembly of vendors providing local produce, tastes, games, and entertainment.

It was a perfect setting for the inaugural 'Arizona Coyotes Day', featuring a number of street team members that were offering giveaways, specials, and opportunities for kids and parents to partake in hockey-related activities.

Gilbert is the first city in Arizona to declare an annual 'Coyotes Day', something Mayor Jenn Daniels was thrilled to institute into one of the Valley's fastest-growing towns.

"We love partnerships with any of our organizations in Arizona that are doing well, and the Coyotes are an organization that's giving back in a lot of ways, so this is an opportunity for us to show support for them," Mayor Daniels said.

"We love supporting our local guys, we're so proud of the work they've done this year and all of the work they've done to build up to this season, so we're just so happy to be able to support the Arizona Coyotes right here in Gilbert."

The sense of support has certainly reached the team and generated a feel of appreciation.

"We're extremely honored that the Town of Gilbert proclaimed January 11th as Arizona Coyotes Day," said Coyotes President & CEO Ahron Cohen. "This is a fun day for all Gilbert residents, and especially for our organization, seeing all of our fans from the East Valley at the festival."

And at the end of the day, it's about building camaraderie and enthusiasm throughout the greater Valley area.

"It's fun to see all the fans come together and support the Coyotes," Mayor Daniels added. "We're always encouraging our youth to be engaged in activity and wellness, so whatever sport they decide to play or whatever interest they have, we want to encourage that as a community."

And 'Coyotes Day' has certainly been an encouraging start to a continuation of growth, togetherness, and spirit.

"We always want to bring special events and activities into our community because it creates that energy we're all seeking," said Mayor Daniels. "It also creates human connection, an opportunity to engage with other fans that have the same interests, but also just to be together, that's what it's all about, community is all about being together."

Photo Credits: Janelle Etzel - Arizona Coyotes

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