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Coyotes New Ice: Originally Classic

Kachina logo featured at center ice for first time in franchise history

by Alex Kinkopf @AEKinkopf / Arizona Coyotes

A new ice surface was installed at Gila River Arena Wednesday, a big step toward the start of the 2021-22 season, just weeks away.

This year, the Coyotes are highlighting a classic favorite at center ice - the Kachina logo. This will be the first time in the organization's 25 seasons that the logo will adorn center ice.

That's not the only new feature in this year's ice motif. There is another classic, yet subtle ode to the Kachina design at center ice. The trim pattern of the Coyotes Kachina jerseys is featured inside the red line. This touch, too, is a first for the team.

Last year, to celebrate the club's 25th year in the Valley, the Coyotes returned a vintage logo to center ice -- the iconic, crescent moon. The crescent moon was the center ice logo at America West Arena when the Coyotes relocated to Phoenix in 1996.

The Coyotes center ice logo has featured: the crescent moon, the team's first three seasons, from 1996-99; two about-faced Kachina head logos from 2000-03, and the red howling Coyotes head from the first season at Gila River Arena in 2003, until the end of 2019-20.

Three anniversaries were marked during the howling Coyote era. The 10th anniversary in 2006-07 featured the "Decade in the Desert" script, outside the center ice circle. The 15th anniversary in 2011-12 included a customized logo inside the center ice circle. The 20th anniversary in 2016-17 was noted with script inside the center ice circle.

There have been six different red-line designs through the years. The most used -- for eight seasons-- featured two, thin, linear, white lines. A candy cane-style design was used for six seasons. A contrasting rectangle design was used for three seasons. A solid red-line design and sublimated Coyote head also were used for three seasons. A sublimated Kachina logo was used last season.

The Coyotes will first skate on the new ice when development camp begins Thursday, Sept. 9 (through Sept. 13).

Rookie camp opens Sept. 15 (through Sept. 20). It will be highlighted by the 2021 "Rookie Faceoff" tournament at Gila River Arena and Ice Den Scottsdale. The Coyotes will play three games at Gila River Arena: Friday, Sept. 17 vs. Vegas; Sunday, Sept. 19 vs. Los Angeles and Monday, Sept. 20 vs. Anaheim.

Tickets + Info + Streaming: 2021 Rookie Faceoff

Main training camp begins Sept. 22 (through Oct. 7). The Coyotes home opener is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. against the St. Louis Blues.

Photo Credits: Kelsey Grant - Arizona Coyotes

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