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Clayton Keller Reaches Out to Gift Young Fan Game-Used Stick

Provides glass seats to Sunday's game and a postgame meet-and-greet

by Alex Kinkopf @AEKinkopf / Arizona Coyotes

When Caid Giles attended the Coyotes versus Flyers game on January 4th, the tickets an early present for his 8th birthday from his mother, Jacqueline, he came ready with a sign hoping he would get acknowledged by a player.

And maybe, just maybe even get a stick.

That dream seemed to be coming to fruition for Caid, but not until the very end of the game, when Clayton Keller skated out for his first star recognition.

Keller, who scored twice in the game, including the game-winner, spotted Caid in the stands and threw his stick over the glass in his direction. Unfortunately, another fan reached over and swiped away what was to be his prized possession.

Seeing and hearing that the young fan was devastated, Clayton reached out to Caid and his family, setting them up with glass seats for the next home game against the Penguins, and gifting the young fan with his game-used stick.

"When I heard that the stick I gave Caid after the Flyers game was taken away from him I felt really bad for him, so I asked our PR staff to reach out to his mom and invite them to the Penguins game," Keller said. "Apparently he was really upset and I wanted him to have a positive experience. It was great meeting him and I'm glad I could help him out."

Caid, who just began playing in the Little Howlers youth hockey program this year, was blown away by the experience.

Though he wanted to use Keller's stick for his practice on Monday after sleeping with it on Sunday, his mother had to convince him to keep it safe at home.

"Caid says it was the best day of his life," his mother shared. "He is now a fan for life. Clayton Keller was awesome and Caid is so appreciative and excited. This completely made his birthday and he will never forget it."

He has since re-taped the stick he uses for practices and games with the initials "CK" at the top for good luck, just like Keller's.

Don't worry, his mother reassured, Clayton's actual stick is remaining under close watch at home.

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