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Ask Gerv! No. 15

Canadiens equipment manager Pierre Gervais answers fan questions

by Pierre Gervais, as told to Joanie Godin @CanadiensMTL /

In his three decades as a member of the Canadiens' organization, head equipment manager Pierre Gervais has picked up his share of insider info from within the Bell Centre's walls. In this week's edition of Ask Gerv!, read about how those famous bleu-blanc-rouge jerseys are cared for.

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1. Question from Zachattack15782, via Twitter.

How often do you wash the jerseys, and is there a special method used to dry them?

The jerseys are washed after every game and practice. Socks too, all the undergarments. Everything gets washed after every practice. We have industrial washing machines with industrial soap that is all made for this. We don't need to dry them. Around 45 minutes after the end of the game, the jerseys are washed and hung up so they're dry before the next game. The washing machines are so powerful that the spinning cycle leaves the jerseys humid, not wet. They are placed on supports in a locked cage. There's a ventilation system all over the building, so they can dry wherever.

2. Question from Jean-Yves Deslandes, via Facebook.

Are there any players who play with a flat stick, with no curve?

No, I've never seen that. I think the last person to have that in Montreal was Yvan Cournoyer and that was before my time. As for me, even elsewhere in hockey, I've seen guys with a very faint curve, but never totally flat.

3. Question from GallyftShaw, via Twitter.

How often do the skates get sharpened?

Every game. When there's a practice the day after a game, I'll check them and I won't touch the ones that are ok. I'll sharpen the ones that aren't. That's the system for every game, unless the guy asks me and tells me to just check them because he doesn't want them to be too sharp - but that's pretty rare.

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