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Fan builds light display celebrating Blues Stanley Cup championship

by Matt Lange / St. Louis Blues

O'FALLON, MO - Since 2006, Bob Galik has created eye-popping light displays on his home during the holiday season.

As a long-time St. Louis Blues fan, this year he felt his home needed a championship touch and designed the light show around the Blues' first Stanley Cup Championship.

You've probably seen the video by now - the Galik's home has gone viral on social media and has been featured on KSDK news.

Galik said he first got the idea for his light display while he was at the Stanley Cup Championship Parade with his daughters, Molly and Emily, and thought "this is something I have to do."

The display includes over 40,000 lights synced up to the sound of Aerosmith's "Dream On," which was played before Stanley Cup Playoffs games at Enterprise Center, and of course, Laura Branigan's "Gloria."

The full display took Galik months to plan and more than 100 hours of programming to match up the audio to the light display.

Galik spoke to to give us the inside scoop on this amazing holiday project.

Watch: Youtube Video


STLOUISBLUES.COM: How much did the light display cost you to create?

BOB GALIK: Let's just say that it's not a cheap hobby.


BLUES: This isn't your everyday strand of regular Christmas lights. What efforts did you have to go through to create such a big display?

GALIK: It all starts with the idea of sound. I have to go into an audio-editing software and cut radio calls, "Gloria" and all the other sounds you hear while viewing the display. It takes a little over an hour to cut 15 seconds of audio. Then, after the 12-plus hours of audio cutting, I spend another 50-60 hours programming all the lights so it all adds up to over 100 hours of work.


BLUES: Since you have been making these light displays at your home for years, how many visitors do you expect to stop by?

GALIK: We get hundreds of visitors each night. We've had people wait in lines down the street to ensure that they get a good view of the display. From Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, I expect we get about 5,000 visitors.


BLUES: How do your neighbors react year after year when they see the bright lights go up and the line of cars throughout the neighborhood?

GALIK: Everyone in the neighborhood loves it. We have young families and grandparents throughout the block that are very supportive. We're fortunate that all our neighbors enjoy raising the Christmas spirit and that our visitors have been very respectful when they stop by.


BLUES: Where should Blues fans go to see your light show in person?

GALIK: We start the show the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and it will be up until New Year's Day. The house is located at 1355 Presidents Landing in O'Fallon, MO. The show starts at 5 p.m. and goes on until 10 p.m. on weekdays and until 11 p.m. on the weekends. Just tune your car radio to 90.1 FM when you get here and enjoy the show!


Although the Galiks will not accept cash donations for themselves, the family is accepting donations to help fund Our Lady's Inn in St. Charles. 100 percent of donations will go toward diapers and sheets to help new and upcoming mothers in the area. The family has also started a diaper drive on the front porch for baby wipes and diapers. Blues fans willing to contribute can place the diapers in the red box on the front porch.

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