The Blues for Kids grant application is now open. Please carefully read the below requirements.

Blues for Kids, the charitable trust of the St. Louis Blues, has a mission to positively impact programs and services that improve health and wellness of youth in the St. Louis area. To date, Blues for Kids has contributed more than $11M to the St. Louis community.

The Blues for Kids grant program opens once per year, at the conclusion of the season. Submission criteria is as follows:

  • Organizations are limited to one Blues for Kids financial award per fiscal year through the grant program or in-game community fundraising night. This does not include a ticket fundraiser through the St. Louis Blues.
  • Requests must be submitted with the organization's 501(c)(3) state-issued number.
  • Requests must be submitted through our online system. Requests submitted via email, fax, mail, drop-offs, or phone will not be considered.
  • Requests should positively impact youth in the St. Louis area and fall under one of Blues for Kids four areas of giving.

Blues for Kids focuses on four areas of giving and provides funding to organizations and projects dedicated to:

Cancer Care & Awareness

  • Cancer Awareness, prevention, and treatment for pediatric and adult cancer patients and their families.
  • In the important effort to continue Doug Wickenheiser's legacy and celebrated history of the Blues' community efforts, the 14 Fund will conitnue to serve as the platform for the Blues' cancer care and awareness initiatives under the Blues for Kids umbrella.


  • Educational initiatives that focus on providing additional opportunities or fulfilling needs for students in the community.

Health & Wellness

  • Programs that focus on awareness, prevention and treatment of childhood diseases.
  • Programs that promote the physical activity, nutrition and mental well-being of area children.
  • Preference will be given to wellness programs that involve hockey and requests for the Blues Street Hockey Program.

Youth & Amateur Hockey Development

  • Programs that support growth of youth and amateur hockey through skill development training, recruitment and development, scholarships, Hockey is for Everyone initiatives, and equipment/supply needs for rinks.

In addition to traditional grants, Blues for Kids is now offering a Legacy Grant and Captain's Grants to programs that create a larger and sustainable impact on youth in St. Louis. Requests for a Captain's Grant can be made through the above link. Legacy Grants will be chosen by Blues for Kids.

Captain's Grant

  • Annually, one (1) Captain's Grant will be awarded to each area of giving: Cancer Care & Awareness, Eductaion, Health & Wellness, and Youth & Amateur Hockey Development.
  • Funding requested should fall within $25,000 - $50,000.
  • Funding will continue for up to 3 years to ensure sustainability.
  • Once an organization receives a Captain's Grant, they are not eligible to receive another $25,000+ grant for 5 years.
  • Organization must prove program sustainability and is subject to an on-site review.

Legacy Grant

  • Each year, one (1) Legacy Grant will be given to build or create a physical project in the St. Louis community. For example: ball/ice hockey rinks, exhibits, school renovations, building remodel/construction, etc.
  • Funding requested should fall within $50,000 - $250,000.
  • Once an organization receives a Legacy Grant, they are not eligible to receive another $25,000+ grant for 5 years.
  • Organization must prove program sustainability and complete on-site review.