About Blue Crew

The Blue Crew is a high-energy team that supports the Blues event presentations at every Blues home game, as well as various community events. Starting from the moment the doors open until the final horn blows, the Blue Crew are dedicated to motivating the Blues crowd!

Their responsibilities include greeting fans, on-ice maintenance during games, assisting with on-ice and in-stand promotions and helping to guarantee Blues fans have an outstanding experience. The Blue Crew also serves as representatives of the Blues organization at community events, viewing parties, and many other social outings.

Blue Crew Appearances

Blue Crew Appearances

Planning an event? The Blue Crew serves as representatives of the Blues organization at community events, viewing parties, and many other social outings.

Joining Blue Crew

We frequently receive inquiries about how to join Blue Crew. Please review the information below for details about what it takes to become a member of our crew!

  • Must be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate

  • Physically fit/athletic appearance

  • Comfortable in front of large crowds

  • Flexible schedule - available to work nights, weekends and holidays as required

  • Passionate about the St. Louis Blues

Qualities of a Blue Crew member:

  • Energetic and outgoing personality

  • Positive attitude

  • Team player

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Skating experience preferred

  • Dance/cheer experience a plus

  • Greet fans

  • Energize the crowd

  • Assist with in-arena promotions, contests and intermission activities

  • Interact with fans

  • Assist with in-game video features shoots as needed

  • Assist with special events/marketing promotions as needed


Please note: Tryouts for the 2023-24 Blue Crew have been completed

What are minimum qualifications?
Applicants must be 18 years of age by July 26, 2023 and have a high school diploma (or equivalent).

Are auditions open to the public?
No, auditions are closed to the public. This includes family and friends.

What forms do I need for auditions?
Applicants will be asked to fill out and sign:

  • Application
  • Medical Release
  • Publicity Release

What should I wear to the auditions?
Females: Tight fit outfit potentially consisting of: midriff barring crop top or sports bra, yoga style pants or athletic shorts and athletic shoes. Make-up should be "glamorous" and be in shades that accent your natural beauty. Hair should be styled down and not cover your face.

Males: T-shirt and athletic shorts with athletic shoes.

Above approved outfits will be worn for ALL days of audition, unless otherwise noted

How can I prepare myself for auditions?
Blue Crew members are comprised of individuals that work in stands and on the ice. Hopefuls should be prepared to move quickly through crowds and up and down flights of stairs.

If you are a skater, you should be prepared to skate at a fast pace. You should be able to skate forward, backward and be able to stop. You can prepare yourself for the ice by taking ice lessons or getting out on the ice as much as possible.

Cardio is a plus for those working in the stands.

If you are a dancer, you should be prepared to learn and perform a dance at tryouts. You should be able to preform drills across the floor and freestyles. You can prepare yourself best by attending our pre-tryout dance clinics.

How many audition rounds are there?

There are usually six audition rounds during our tryout window.

Do I need to be able to skate?
No, Blue Crew members are made up of all skating abilities from none to expert as there are many duties other than shoveling the ice.

What will the judges focus on and look for?

Performance * Showmanship and Personality * Ability to take direction and move from place to place

Where should I park?
Parking instructions will be emailed to applicants as the audition dates get closer.

What to expect
During the registration process you will be given application paperwork to fill out upon arrival, and will be assigned a bib/number that will be used throughout the audition process. You will also have your photo taken and be video recorded for our application records.

Following the registration process, the auditions will begin. We will have two off ice and promotional training sessions, noting personality and comprehension. After the ice auditions, candidates are free to go. The judges will review their information from the day and will contact hopefuls on their status.

Second round attendees will have skating and drill sessions on the ice, noting personality and skating ability. Please note that selections for the team are not based exclusively on skating ability. No telephone calls, please, throughout the audition/interview process.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Blue Crew? How are they different than the Ice Crew?
The St. Louis Blues Blue Crew and Ice Crew are one and the same. They are a high-energy team that supports the Blues event presentations at every Blues home game, as well as various community events. They are also responsible for cleaning the ice during games.

Is Blue Crew a full-time Job? How much time commitment is expected?
No, being a member of Blue Crew is not a full time job. In fact most team members are college students and/or have another part-time job. However, team members are expected to be able to work flexible hours and commit to the following schedule:

  • There are 41 St. Louis Blues home games each year (not including playoffs).
  • While Blue Crew is scheduled for all home games, not every team member is scheduled each game. Team members are expected to be available to work 75% of the games.
  • Blue Crew members are required to be in uniform and "game ready" 90 minutes prior to puck drop.
  • Must be able to attend pre-season practices. Some exceptions will apply. Most practices will be held at Enterprise Center. A few practices throughout the year will be held at local ice rinks.
  • Blue Crew team members will represent the Blues at various community events throughout the year. Each member of the squad should plan on making at least 10-15 appearances during the year.
  • While we expect full commitment from all Blue Crew members, we understand the importance of school, work and life events and do our best to accommodate all schedules.

Do you have to pay for the uniform or practice gear?
Team members are asked to put down a small fully-refundable deposit for their uniform.

Are there any height, weight or appearance requirements?
There are no specific height and weight requirements to be a Blue Crew team member. However, this job requires a high level of physical activity and both men and women of Blue Crew are expected to be in top physical condition (lean & tone) throughout the year. No visible tattoos or piercings (besides ears) while in uniform are allowed. Applicants will still be considered if tattoos are able to be covered by makeup.