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Use your mobile device as your ticket!

The St. Louis Blues are exclusively using mobile entry for access to all home games at Enterprise Center. Mobile tickets are the safest, most convenient, and flexible way to receive and manage tickets. Download the NHL App from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) to get started.

To prevent ticket fraud and promote safer, more efficient usage of the mobile ticketing platform, screenshots will not be accepted when entering Enterprise Center.

Please note: if you are using Apple Wallet, your tickets will not have a barcode. Simply tap the ticket scanner as instructed by Enterprise Center staff upon entry.

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Transfer Tickets from a Computer

Are the Blues 100% mobile?

Blues tickets are mobile in their distribution and we are strongly encouraging our fans to adopt the mobile ticketing process. Mobile ticketing is an easy-to-use technology that makes tickets safer, more easily accessible and more flexible to receive and distribute. In our current climate, fans have become such avid consumers and savvy operators of app technology. From communicating, to paying bills, to shopping, to accessing sporting events, there is an ever-increasing demand for latest and greatest platforms. We want to make sure that we are diligent in supplying that demand across the board at Blues games.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

We won't turn you away! You can simply come to the box office before the game, provide your email address, and we will give you an alternate method of getting into the building.

Does mobile ticketing eliminate fraud?

Not completely but it does help reduce it. Screen-shotting tickets can still cause fraud but we are strongly encouraging fans to use the "transfer" application instead of a screen shot. Transferring your tickets within the platform, through either text or email, will allow us to track the ticket and its movement. Thus, making it easier to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Can I screenshot my ticket and send to friends or family?

Screenshots of tickets are not a valid ticket and will not be accepted at the gate.

Is mobile ticketing in effect for all Enterprise Center events?

No. Mobile ticketing is in effect for all Blues games but not all events at Enterprise Center. The usage of mobile tickets for non-Blues events depends on event promoters. Essentially, promoters rent the building and are able to distribute tickets in whatever manner they see fit.

If I come in with my family using my phone and someone needs to go to concessions or use the rest room, do I need to give them my phone?

We are highly encouraging people to use the transfer option within the app even if you are entering the building as a group. That way everyone has the flexibility of moving about the building while possessing their own ticket. However, if you have young kids that need to use the restroom and you are uncomfortable giving them your phone, our ushers and guest services staff will be sensitive to those situations and will happily help kids find their way back to their seats.

Are other teams doing this?

More than half of the NHL, 18 teams to be exact, have gone to mobile ticketing in order to reduce fraud, increase the ability to troubleshoot customer issues and enable the use of tickets on devices that many fans rely on and carry with them at all times. In other sports, the NFL has gone completely mobile across the league while more than half of the teams in the NBA have adopted mobile ticketing.

Is there a limit to how many times my tickets can be transferred?

Tickets can be transferred as often as needed until on hour after puck drop on the day of the game.

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