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Louie can be seen entertaining nearly 20,000 fans at Enterprise Center, but he also makes appearances year-round in the community. Louie is the perfect addition to any celebration and each appearance can be customized to better fit your event.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the only appearance requests Louie can fulfill are video messages and drive-by visits. To make an appearance request, click here.

After social distancing guidelines have been relaxed, Louie can return to regular appearance requests, which include:

Louie Drop-In
A 10-minute appearance. Louie stops and mingles, takes a few Polaroid's, signs autographs, creates havoc and makes sure everyone has a good time. Great for offices, corporate events, or a surprise for an unsuspecting Blues fan.

Louie Party Visit
A 30-minute appearance. Louie swings by to perform at location of choice, wherever it maybe; park, residence, office, etc... Followed by an autograph and photo session. Louie will get the guests involved and help add excitement to the party.

School Appearances
Louie can help celebrate at your school's function. Whether it's giving high-fives to the students in the classroom or generating big laughs at an entire school assembly, Louie is the perfect way to congratulate students on a job well done.

Community Events
Parades, festivals, awareness for events or run/walks, play days at parks, Boy Scout & Girl Scout meetings, YMCAs, churches, etc.

Corporate Events
Grand openings, special presentations, sale events, merchandise promotions, etc.

Other Private Events
Wedding receptions, anniversary parties, graduation parties, reunions, Blues' away-game viewing parties, etc.

Charity Appearances
Nationally chartered 501c3 non-profit charities are eligible for discounted Louie appearances at their events. Inquire for details. A copy of your charities' 501c3 paperwork is required to schedule an appearance.

Out of Town Events
Entertainment for collegiate and minor league hockey/baseball/basketball games.

Louie's Bio

A number of years ago, in a small town near the Arctic Circle, a bouncing baby polar bear was born. But this bear was very different from all of the other polar bears in the town. While all of the other bears had white fur, this bear's fur was BLUE!!

Then one day he was told about a hockey team called the St. Louis Blues! Since the blue bear loved hockey, blues music, and was blue himself, he knew he had to find this team! 

When he was old enough, the blue bear traveled all the way to St. Louis to meet the Blues. After meeting the team, he was inspired with their high energy and great teamwork. Even though they had never met a blue bear before, all the Blues' players & coaches liked him so much that they invited him to be a part of the team… as their mascot! He knew that he had finally found where he belonged. 

On October 10, 2007, he was introduced to the fans and got to play "When the BLUES Go Marching In" on his saxophone. It was the greatest night of his life. Then, on November 3, 2007, the blue bear was named Louie by the fans. He was even given his very own game jersey! 

Now, Louie can be seen at all home games and throughout the community doing what he loves best- meeting fans and supporting the Blues! So, the next time you're at a Blues game, be sure to say "hello" or give him a high five.

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