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5 Questions: Get to know Pierre-Luc Dubois

Talking TV, music, soccer and dogs with the CBJ's blossoming young star

by Jeff Svoboda @JacketsInsider /

In his third year with the Blue Jackets, Pierre-Luc Dubois continues to show that he's one of the top young centers in the NHL. 

Dubois is tied for the CBJ lead with 17 goals and adds 25 assists for for a team-best 42 points. He's been red hot in his last four games, earning eight points, and is coming off a two-goal game in Montreal, a special accomplishment for the Quebec-born and raised Dubois. In his last 22 games, Dubois has 24 points thanks to seven goals and 17 assists.  

Of players age 21 or younger in the NHL, Dubois is fourth in the league in scoring, trailing just Carolina's Andrei Svechnikov (19 years old, 45 points), Winnipeg's Patrik Laine (21 years old, 47 points), and Vancouver's Elias Pettersson (21 years old, 53 points).  

Off the ice, Dubois also has a series of varied interests. To learn more about them, we recently sat down with Dubois for this edition of 5 Questions.  

1. Earlier this year, I revealed that you are a Love Island fan. I don't know if you were happy about that or not. 

Pierre-Luc Dubois: "I like it. It was good." 

So my first question is are there any other TV shows you're into that you're watching right now? 

"The new season of Love Island is out now. It's coming out every week, there's new episodes." 

I saw it's on like CBS now. 

"Really? I watch on Hulu because the new episodes are coming out, so I told Bjorky to go watch that, so he's watched them. I like The Office. Friends is off Netflix right now but I was a big Friends fan. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Stuff like that." 

2. You've said you want hockey players to be comfortable with showing more personality. How important is that to you because you do have a ton of it? 

"I'm a shy guy, but it would be fun. I tell them all the time, if it was up to me, we'd dress however we want for games. I want to be able to dress however I want like the NBA guys, NHL, MLB, like every other sport. It would be fun to be able to wear whatever we want. Same thing with the goal songs. If I could pick a goal song, that would be pretty fun." 

Speaking of music, what are your go-to songs right now? What's on your playlist? I know you're a guy that loves music. 

"I listen to literally anything. So right now, I came off being in Miami and the Bahamas (over break), so now I'm listening to Spanish music, Spanish rap, stuff like that. EDM. My all-time favorite is French rap." 

Who are a couple of artists that stand out there? 

"You might have to write them down. I like Niska, Ninho. Maes has a new album out now so he's my favorite right now. Honestly, I listen to anything." 

Are there any standbys, especially pregame, that you're like, 'I have to listen to this'? 

"Niska, he's my pregame. Always, always, always him. He has an intense, upbeat feel." 

Is there a song that makes you want to go through a brick wall pregame? 

"He has a song called Méchant. It means mean, angry. That one." 

3. You're a big soccer guy, so who are your favorite players and favorite teams? 

"Favorite teams? Paris St. Germain. They're French, so I can understand (the language). Right now, I'm a little embarrassed to say I like Manchester United. It's not looking great, but I like them too. They're my favorite English team." 

I grew up a Manchester United fan, so I understand. It's been a rough go of it here for a while. 

"Exactly, yeah. When I was a kid, I played FIFA with (Cristiano) Ronaldo. Wayne Rooney was my favorite player. Now it's kind of a struggle. PSG is my favorite team right now. My favorite player is Kylian Mbappe. That's easy. He's French. We speak the same language." 

You're from Quebec, but you're still into the French players and teams? 

"Yeah. I like watching the French national team. Every week they put out a video on YouTube that is behind the scenes. I love watching those. It's fun because I understand what they are saying. If I was a fan of the German national team or Bayern Munich, it would be great but I wouldn't be able to understand what they are saying. It's fun with Paris because I understand everything that they are saying." 

Does Todd (Sharrock, vice president of communications and team services) give you a lot of crap since he's a Liverpool fan? 

"Yeah. I like Liverpool but they're not my favorite. I'm not gonna say that if they win it, I'm gonna be ecstatic, but I like them. I hate Manchester City. Liverpool is fine." 

4. People might not know this, but you're good at cooking, right? 

"Yeah. I'm not good at cleaning so if someone wants to volunteer for that part … but I like cooking. I like trying stuff. I have like 20 cookbooks at home. I love cooking. I love food -- meat, pasta, trying new, different stuff. But I hate the cleaning process of it. I like cooking when (Alexandre Texier) or (Emil Bemstrom) or someone comes over because it's like, 'All right, now it's your turn (to clean).' It makes me happy to cook for them. They don't expect it -- well, now they do because they know." 

Have they stopped coming over once you started making them clean up? 

"No, they keep coming over. We'll watch TV and I'm like, 'Go clean. It's your turn.'" 

5. How is the dog? 

"He's doing good. He's at school now. He is a nice dog, he just didn't listen a lot and it makes your life a lot easier when he's well mannered. He doesn't run away, but once or twice if I'm like in a park, he just sprints away from me and I don't know if he's going to come back so I sprint after him and I have to pick him up. I'm like, ok, I have to teach him that when I say come back, he actually comes back." 

What's his name? 

"Phillip, Phil, Philly, I don't know. He's a French bulldog. I got him in April. His birthday is Valentine's Day, so we're having a little party." 

Does he hang out with any of the other team dogs? 

"His girlfriend is (Markus Nutivaara's) dog. They're dating. Literally, I'm not even joking. They love each other. It's perfect. He loves her. Sometimes with other dogs, he reacts weirdly. I don't know why. But Nuti's dog, they love each other." 

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