Jason Dickinson continued to impress head coach Luke Richardson and the Chicago Blackhawks after he brought a high-level performance all season long. As a reward, the team announced that they extended the forward for two more seasons on Tuesday morning. 

After the announcement, Dickinson expressed his gratitude for Blackhawks’ general manager Kyle Davidson’s decision that allow him to stay in Chicago. 

“It’s nice to be somewhere you’re wanted,” Dickinson said. “I’m appreciative of Kyle and his team and my agent for getting something done, because it’s a place I want to be.”

Dickinson speaks on his contract extension

In the 2023-24 season, the 28-year-old forward notched a career-high 14 goals and seven assists through 43 games. He ranks third among Blackhawks skaters with 21 points and second in goals. While he leads on the ice, others also praised him for how he stepped up in a leadership role off the ice over the last few months. 

The Blackhawks acquired Dickinson in a trade with the Vancouver Canucks back in Oct. 2022. Since his move, he described the appreciation he felt towards Davidson and the Blackhawks hockey operations staff for the belief they put in him in these last two seasons. 

“They've shown a commitment to me,” Dickinson said. “So, it's only right that I feel that same commitment back and give them everything to help bring this team forward because they've invested the two years in me. So now it's my job to help raise the level of and keep giving back what I can to make it worthwhile.” 

Throughout the season, Dickinson noted the confidence boost he gained over the summer to improve his game and grow in his role as a third-line center. However, he also noticed his growth as a leader and the way he tried to be more impactful with his words and actions.

Richardson speaks on Dickinson and facing San Jose

Over the last few weeks, Richardson praised the forward as he continued to create offensive chances and step up for the team with recent injuries. He also showed how he wants to make an impact with the Blackhawks further down the road. 

“You want people to want to be here and they make a bigger impact and a bigger difference,” Richardson said. “So, we're happy to have him and I'm glad he's proud to be here.” 

While Dickinson knows he is helping the team create a strong foundation to make them stronger in the future, he still hopes to be a part of those conversations. 

As some players continue to build their confidence and prospects join the roster, he hopes to still be in Chicago as they build the excitement of what’s to come. 

“I’m not going to lie, I would have liked a few more years because I see what's down the line, I see the potential, I see where things can go and I would love to be a part of that,” Dickinson said.