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Player Pets: Bill Guerin, Ogie & Amigo

The Guerin family has two dogs, a bunny and a hamster

by Tyler Savitsky /

Each month, will feature a Minnesota Wild player or executive and his pet(s), presented by PetSmart.

Minnesota Wild General Manager Bill Guerin has two dogs, Ogie and Amigo, while his daughters have a bunny and hamster.

TS: How many pets do you have, and what breed are they?
BG: We have two dogs. Ogie, like Ogilthorpe, he's a Bernese Mountain Dog. He's five years old. And then we have Amigo, who is a Beagle-Basset mix. He'll be 15 years old soon.

TS: How long have you had them both? 
BG: We have had them both since they were puppies. We got Amigo when he was six months old. We rescued him and I got Ogie for my wife for Christmas like five years ago. And my daughter has a bunny. A white bunny named Bubbles. And my other daughter has a hamster named Zippy. But they take care of them. We are big animal people, we've had rabbits and turtles and guinea pigs and hamsters and dogs. The only thing is no snakes.

TS: Did you grow up with any pets?
BG: I didn't. We weren't allowed to have a dog and neither was my wife, and we're just big dog people, big animal people. We love animals.

TS: Do you have any favorite moment or favorite thing to do with any of your pets?
BG: You know what, it's just great coming home. They're never mad. They don't hold a grudge, you always just get love. Amigo kind of likes his own space a little bit more, but the big guy, the Bernese Mountain Dog just wants to lay around with you and hug and stuff like that.

TS: Is their diet strictly dog food? If not, what do they seem to like?
BG: Honestly, anything. They will eat anything. And I'm not good because I will feed them food from the table, so I've created beggars out of them, but you know what, it makes them happy. 

TS: If you could describe your dogs in one word, what would it be?
BG: Loveable.


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