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Gritty throws an astounding number of cakes at person in Canucks shirt

Flyers mascot destroys 'fan' and protective tarp behind him while hurling deserts

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

Gritty found the most delicious way to vanquish an opponent.

The Philadelphia Flyers mascot absolutely destroyed [what we can only assume is a team staffer] a person wearing a Vancouver Canucks shirt at Wells Fargo Center on Friday.

Tweet from @GrittyNHL: mid-szn form

It's not often you see that many sheet cakes destroyed at a hockey game. We counted eight in all.

Gritty even threw so many pounds of cake that the protective tarp behind the "Canucks fan" ripped to shreds.

But hey, when you throw that much cake there are bound to be some real-world consequences.

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