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Short Shifts

Happy Birthday Gritty! We have some gift ideas for the Flyers mascot

A day this big deserves a little recognition and a lot of presents

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

It is the celebration of the day that changed life as we know it forever.

It's Gritty's birthday.

But before you run out and buy a gift for the Philadelphia Flyers mascot, there are some things you should know.

Tweet from @GrittyNHL: ���Twas the night before National Gritty Day

So now that we know what Gritty doesn't want, what does he want? That question may be tougher to answer, but we are going to try it anyway.

Here are a few suggestions:


Who couldn't use a new sweater now and again? And after Gritty famously streaked at the 2019 Stadium Series, sending him a few extra outfits could never be seen as a bad thing. He also needs suit pants, clearly.

But what size to get? We are not sure but we imagine it will be from the Big & Tall shop.

Running Sneakers

The Gritty 'anti-runners' 5K is coming October 13 and Gritty has said he will do whatever it takes to win it. So a new pair of boats couldn't hurt his chances.

More Silly String

You know, for the next time the Los Angeles Kings broadcast crew is in town.

Something Cookie Monster-related

OK, so this gift should only be bought if you want to troll or tweak the big orange furball a little bit. He'll get the joke since he saw and responded to the viral video of a two-year-old Flyers fan calling him "Cookie Monster."


For Gritty's next vacation.

A Tribute Tattoo

This one may seem a little outlandish, but it's been done before, most famously by Jimmy Lardani, the operator of a Philadelphia-area bar, who inked Gritty on his calf and may have very well started a trend.

A Claude Giroux Jersey

Just because.

Happy birthday, large orange friend.

Tweet from @GrittyNHL: HBD to ME

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