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Short Shifts

Andre Burakovsky mistakes random car for his Uber

Driver generously took Capitals forward to his destination anyway, posts photo @NHLdotcom

They will never mistake him for Andre U-Burakovsky.

Andre Burakovsky, the Washington Capitals forward saw a car he thought was the Uber he ordered on Sunday.

It was not.

He mistakenly got in.

The gentlemen in the car took him to Top Golf anyway. The driver posted a photo to Instagram Sunday even after the case of mistaken identity.

Burakovsky is out of the lineup until at least mid-March with a hand injury. His Capitals are currently on their bye week. He did, in fact, make it to Top Golf, tweeting a photo later in the night, thanks to his generous driver.

And hey, he didn't even have to pay for the ride.

Tweet from @andreburakovsky: This place is awesome. Getting fired up with @zaralarsson music in the background. #swede #Topgolf

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