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Transcript: Frederik Andersen Media Call - April 23, 2020

by Staff Writer MapleLeafs /

Toronto Maple Leafs goaltedner Frederik Andersen spoke with the media via conference call earlier today.

Q (Steven Whyno, The Associated Press): Are you still quarantining with Auston [Matthews] in Arizona and what went into that thought process of hanging out with Auston and what's that been like as teammates being stuck together for the last month of so?

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: Yeah, the main reason was obviously I was stuck in Toronto in my condo, Denmark was kind of ahead of Canada and the US as far as being shut down as well so that was a little out of the question for me. Auston was kind enough to offer me to come down here, spend time with him and actually have someone to talk to instead of just FaceTiming everyone the whole time, which has been great. 

Q (Steven Whyno, The Associated Press): What's it been like getting along during a time like this when obviously people can't get away from each other?

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: It's been fun, we've been close friends since we played together. Obviously, this has allowed us to spend even more time together, but it's been fun so far. We get pretty competitive in some of the things we do which is fun. Just to have someone to hang out with and talk to is nice. Very appreciative of being out here. 

Q (Lance Hornby, Toronto Sun): Can you talk a bit about if you've heard one of the NHL plans to restart obviously once things are safe again and restage some games and finish the regular season in one NHL city with three or four teams coming in - what do you think of that idea? 

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: I think I've heard a lot of different ideas and scenarios, but I'm pretty open to pretty much everything that can be done to salvage the season and finish the season and get a Stanley Cup champion. I think all 31 teams have put a lot of time and effort in obviously, so I definitely want to see something to be done to finalize the season and move on and not lose out on all the hard work and all the stuff that's been put into this season. 

Q (Lance Hornby, Toronto Sun): How are things in Denmark and how closely are you keeping tabs on what's going on at home?

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: Yeah, I definitely try to call them every once in a while and keep tabs on them. Both my parents have been able to work still in some of the work that's continuing, so that's good, but they're pretty similar to a lot of countries where most shops and small businesses have been shut down and mainly keeping the essentials open, which I think has been working well for them. From what I understand they've started to open some things up again like schools and stuff for kids to keep learning and get back into school. 

Q (Josh Clipperton, The Canadian Press): I'm just wondering about some of the unique challenges a goalie faces in trying to stay sharp and in shape during this pause. Obviously, you're not able to stickhandle or take shots like a shooter. Is Auston is taking shots at you? Do you have a tennis ball machine? How are you trying to get through this?

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: It's definitely a challenge not to be able to go on the ice. I do have my gear out here, so I think we're going to experiment a little bit. He has a little sport court in his house now, so I definitely think we're going to test that out and shoot some pucks. Maybe I can work on my stickhandling as well and maybe my shot. It's something we can look at here in a bit once we get all set up with. I think especially in a time like this where facilities are limited, it's got to be creative and coming up with something, like you said, with a tennis ball machine or playing different games with him. He's got a ping pong table, so we could be playing that a little bit to keep some athleticism and not miss too many steps in this interruption of the season. 

Q (Josh Clipperton, The Canadian Press): Have you gone outside the box either with training mentally or physically? Maybe stuff you haven't used before? 

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: Not so much yet. I've been trying to watch some video and keep my mind mentally in the game still. I think if you compare this time with a regular summer, it's very different. You have a time you come back, and I think most players have it pretty dialed in when they start going back on the ice and think about playing hockey more competitively again. I think now it's a time where you need to keep the mental focus on actually playing hockey even though you can't be on the ice. I think the video stuff has allowed me to keep that going and obviously try to feel like you're still playing games, even if it's just visualization or something like that. 

Q (Josh Clipperton, The Canadian Press): Do you have the tennis ball machine at Auston's [home]?

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: No, no tennis ball machine. So hopefully once we get some more pucks, I think I have a pretty good shooter here too. 

Q (Lance Hornby, Toronto Sun): Are you talking much at all with Steve Briere or other NHL goalies -- Jack Campbell, [John] Gibson, any of those guys?

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: Yeah, I've been in good communication with Steve and obviously Jack as well, mostly to keep tabs on each other and try to help each other out with passing the time and not getting too bored. With Stevie, it's been awesome, trying to help me out with anything I need, like I mentioned before, with video or different drills to be doing. I think trying to stress that we don't make this a pause where you don't get anything out of it. You have to try to create a skill or sharpen your skills in any sort of way that's possible right now. That's something we're trying to do, and Stevie has been great with that.

Q: (Kevin McGran, Toronto Star) Do you think that when everything is unpaused … who would have the advantage, the shooters or the goalies?

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: That's a tough hypothetical. I think that as a shooter you don't really need a goalie to work on your shot but I think as a goalie you definitely need someone to shoot at you so I think in that thought maybe the shooters have a little bit of an advantage, but I think it's all about what you do in your time off. I've been focusing on trying to keep sharp, so I don't want it to be like an excuse or anything, so we've got to make the wait worthwhile and be ready when we do start back up.

Q: (Kevin McGran, Toronto Star) Going back to the idea of a division being housed in one city, some people make a big deal that maybe some players wouldn't want to be isolated from their families but at the same time it would be, I would imagine, better than the current situation because you'd be able to see people again. What are your thoughts on being isolated in one city, one hotel and one rink?

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: I'm not against that. I think everyone wants sports back on and I think if there's a chance we can go back to playing I think we owe it to ourselves to go out and play the game we're so passionate about and I think we owe it to the fans who have been waiting, too, to give them something to watch and keep entertained. I think the fans are starving for some sort of content that aren't a rerun of an old show so I think live sports will be a big part of bringing the world back to normal. 

Q: (Kevin McGran, Toronto Star) Have you watched any of the old games from the seventies and marveled at the goalie equipment from back then?

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: I have actually. I've watched some old Hasek clips. I know that's not quite that far back, but I definitely think that's a playing style that's fun to watch and something I can learn a little bit from and see. It's definitely a different game back then.

Q: (Luke Fox, Given this pause have you had time to reflect on this Leafs season and your season personally, and what do you think about where the team was at, at the time of the pause?

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: Yeah, there's a lot of different things to incorporate in that question but I think a very - not a turbulent - but definitely very eventful season. I think there were a lot of different things going on. Obviously, a coaching change and some ups and downs during the season. So I think that's probably what stands out the most. One thing I really liked about our team is the way we really answered the bell when we were pushed with our backs against the wall for a bit. You saw some of our best games against some really good opponents, especially later on here. That's obviously something I thought was great. You don't want to be in that position, obviously, very often but the fact that we were able to push back, and to answer, was something I liked a lot. 

Q: (Luke Fox, How do you assess the impact that Jack Campbell made in solidifying that that goaltender position when he came in via the trade?

FREDERIK ANDERSEN: Yeah, I think Jack was great. He was an easy guy to get along with right away. He brought a really good energy and attitude to the team and just a really nice guy as well. It's something I welcomed, and he definitely made a good impact on the guys as well and played some really good games when he was in our net. 

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