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Ryan Leslie sat down with Brian Elliott and talked fatherhood, free agency and life with the Flames

by RYAN LESLIE @ryanleslie73 /

It's always good to get a glimpse behind the mask of an NHL goalie. 

For the most part they are a quirky bunch with a unique perspective along with some fantastic stories to share.

It's probably why so many make great TV sports broadcasters.

And speaking of television, this week's Flames Up Close podcast guest was goaltender Brian Elliott, whose dad Bill has been involved in the TV industry for years.  

He helped bring you such Canadian classics as Bumper Stumpers in the '80s, then there was the popular Red Green Show more recently, and even a kids video game show which saw Brian and his buddies get the call to fill in on camera from time to time.

This season would have made an interesting reality TV show for the netminder, who has seen his fair share of ups and downs.

From the joys and adjustments of being a new father, to settling in with a new team in a new city, to the rough start on the ice, to the franchise tying record of winning 11 straight games while pushing his team into playoff contention.

Elliott touches on it all during our conversation when we sat down in Nashville.

At 31 years old, the former Wisconsin Badge is in a interesting position. He's playing some of his best hockey coming down the stretch, which he has done the last number of years.

But what's different this time around is that he's a free agent at the end of the season.

Which begs a number of questions: w the Flames look to re-sign him? Does he want to test free agency waters or stay in a place he loves? What will it cost and for how long? 

Time will tell but you almost believe him when he says that will take care of itself when it's time and that for now, he's truly focused on just winning the next game.

And if he continues to play the way he has and help put the Flames into a postseason position, that will be another Canadian show his dad and Flames fans everywhere would want to tune in to.



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