MacKenzie Weegar on the response after Tuesday’s letdown:

“It was a good effort tonight. I think that was the most important part coming off that last game. So, I'm sort of proud of the way we responded. Now, it just goes into the minor details, the little things that can go along with a great effort.”

On officially being eliminated from playoff contention:

“It sucks. Everybody wants to chase the Cup, that's what it's about. Some teams are ramping it up right now to go on a big playoff run and some teams are looking out, which is disappointing. But we're going to build a great culture here the last (seven) games and we'll bring that into next year with a great environment - a strong culture and a great identity.”

On consistency being one of the key issues this year:

“Absolutely. I think that's individual and team-wise. To win in this league, it's about being consistent. When I was a young kid trying to make it into the league, you'd hear that word a lot - trying to be consistent. I think the young kids are learning how hard it is to win right now and that goes on the older guys, too. It's top to bottom, it starts with myself. You've got to be consistent day-in and day-out, a true pro outside and inside the rink. We struggled with the consistent part this year, so that will be a big focus I'm sure until the end of the season and into next year.”

"It sucks"

Daniil Miromanov on the difference in this one:

“Penalties. Penalties for sure, man. 5-on-5, our game was really good and penalties - it's so hard to play in this league and the guys are the best players in the world, and when you get a penalty, they'll punish you. Two games in a row we were playing our game and being disciplined and it's slipping away from us. It's really frustrating. Everyone's battling so hard and just to see guys giving their best every single shift and it just sucks to lose those games. I feel like most of the game, we have it - and then it slips away from us. We have to keep building on that and keep those details dialled in.”

On the play of the PK in killing off the five-minute major:

“It was massive to kill that penalty, especially with Winnipeg's powerplay. Guys did such an amazing job laying bodies out there. Especially 5-on-3 in the first period, so many blocks. It just sucks. You've got to be disciplined and keep building. It sucks to lose and nobody likes to lose, and it's really hard to win in this league, so we have to keep building and keep going.”

On Dustin Wolf’s career-high 41 saves:

“Man, he plays amazing. He lays his heart out every single night and it also feels bad when Marky's in the net and Wolfie's in the net, guys are laying out there. We have to help those guys, man. We have to be great in the defensive zone and put the puck in the other zone, so we can have some o-zone time. Those guys have been so good for us and they've been bringing their A-plus game every single night. We give so much credit to them, we've got to step up here.”

"When you get a penalty, they'll punish you"

Head Coach Ryan Huska on a good game from his group:

“I thought the effort was what we want to see. 5-on-5, I liked our game. I thought their powerplay was good tonight; they had a lot of chances off their powerplay. But I was pleased the way we came out and played tonight - and it was really the total opposite of our last game, so that's what we need to continue to see.”

On the final seven games without a chance at the playoffs:

“Listen, we've been walking a tight rope for a while here now. I think the most important message that we've had for them, we'll continue to have for them: It's always about the way you play. It's always about leaving the rink when you're done making sure that you put your best effort forward, because that's what people remember at the end of the day, including your teammates. That goes a long way. So, our expectation for what our guys will bring to the table will not change and we'll expect us to work to continue to get better every day.”

On Weegar’s play of late:

“MacKenzie's been awesome lately. He really has. Whether it's shot-blocking or generating offence for us, he's playing heavy minutes right now and he's done a really job for us. When you look at his body of work over the course of the season, there's not too many games where you can say MacKenzie was off - and I think we're seeing his best hockey of the year right now.”

"MacKenzie's been awesome lately"

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