Rasmus Andersson on what he saw from his group in Vancouver:

“I thought 5-on-5 we were doing an OK job. They execute on their odd-man rushes and that was probably much the difference in the game. Their first goal was a 3-on-2, then it's a breakaway, short-handed, which shouldn't happen. Then it's a 2-on-1 and they executed, and we really didn't. I thought we had a lot of good looks, we just didn't put it into the net.”

On Canucks goalie Thatcher Demko standing tall:

“Against a good goalie, you've got to get traffic and that kind of stuff. They did a good job of boxing us out and yeah, we probably could have got more bodies towards the net.”

"They executed, and we really didn't"

Brayden Pachal on scoring his first in Flames silks:

“It definitely feels good. Obviously, you wish it would have sparked a little bit of a comeback, but we fell a bit short. Still feels nice – but would've felt a lot sweeter with a win.”

On the difference in the game:

“It's just a good team. They're where they're at in the standings for a reason and they didn't give as (many) Grade-A chances and I think that's why they're a good team; you've just got to find ways to get inside of them.”

On the group standing up for each other:

“Obviously, it's nice when you realize that your teammates have your back in a situation like that. He (Nils Hoglander) kind of got me up high and I'm lucky he's 5'3", or he would've got me in the face otherwise. It's nice to know your teammates have your back.”

"Would've felt a lot sweeter with a win"

Head Coach Ryan Huska on how the game played out:

“I liked the effort. Not the result. But the effort was there for us for, I felt, the full 60 minutes. We made three mistakes coming back into our own zone off the rush; we lost people. And then one, a turnover. But other than those mistakes, I liked a lot of what we did tonight. ... I thought we were competitive. All the lines were a part of that tonight.”

On the grit/physicality the Flames showed:

“Absolutely (I liked it). You need to have that. I think we could have a little bit more of that in our game.”

On putting up 40 shots:

“I thought their goalie was really good tonight. The saves that he made, some of them were harder than he made them look and he did a good job controlling his rebounds.”

On Pachal scoring his first goal as a Flame:

“You like to see guys get their first goal. He's a guy that I don't think you're going to see generate a lot in his career, but he is one of those workers and guys that tries to engage as much as he can in game, so it's nice to see him get rewarded.”

"I liked a lot of what we did tonight"

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