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Behind Enemy Lines: Shane Doan on Carey Price

The Coyotes captain dishes on his cousin

by Shauna Denis @canadiensMTL /

Despite engaging in some heated battles on the ice, opposing NHL players often forge enduring friendships away from the rink. We thought it might be interesting, then, to do some reconnaissance in the visitors' dressing room to get an occasional take on a Canadiens player from a friendly foe on another club. Today: Coyotes captain Shane Doan on his cousin, Carey Price.

Help us out with your family tree; we know you and Carey Price are cousins, but what's the relation there?  
His dad and my mom are first cousins. 
Being 10 years older, did you ever babysit little Carey growing up? 
I didn't ever babysit him, but a couple of times he'd come to our hockey school so I was looking out for him on the ice then, I guess. I would talk with his dad a lot, though, when I was working to get my pilot's license. He was a bush pilot, so he'd be giving me advice on all that stuff.

Did Carey bounce off the walls when he was younger or has he always been this calm and cool?
No, no, he's always been cool like that. He comes by it naturally.  
Did he behave himself at family gatherings as a child?
Oh yeah, he was always well behaved. Never got into any real trouble. He's got a pretty good mom and dad so he was good. We have a few other cousins who caused some trouble, but not Carey.  
Do you have any dirt you can tell us about him?  
Well, he's a wannabe cowboy! No, no, he's good, I just like to tease him about it. We grew up on a ranch and he's not bad, but it's a newer thing for him so we'll have to give him a little leeway, I guess.   

Carey seems like a pretty manly outdoorsman. How do you stack up?
As an outdoorsman, he's way ahead of me. Hunting, fishing, stuff like that, I'm not in the same league as him. With hunting, it's not even close but moving cattle and branding calves and stuff like that, I have him beat.  
Who would win an arm wrestling match?
Well, pure wrestling, I'd take him, but I don't know, I've never arm wrestled him.  
Carey loves country music. Does that taste run in the family?
Oh definitely. I've got an incredible story about that, actually. Johnny Cash stayed at my parent's place for three nights so we got to meet him and hang out. I took him horseback riding and stuff. The band was there and those guys actually rode with us for like 16 hours, branding cattle. That was really cool.
Would you make a better goalie or would Carey make a better forward?
Oh, I'm a terrible goalie, so I'm assuming he'd be a better forward. I am just a brutal goalie.


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