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PODCAST: BFFs Boqvist, Dach and Entwistle

Adam Burish sits down with a trio of the Blackhawks' top prospects to discuss their newfound friendship, nap time vs. activity time, who has the best dance moves and more

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With some downtime in Chicago between Development Camp and the Blackhawks Convention, prospects Adam Boqvist, Kirby Dach and Mackenzie Entwistle join Adam Burish for a special edition of Blackhawks Insider. 

Despite the trio not knowing much of each other before last week, they've quickly bonded in Chicago and have no problem dishing the dirt to Burish. 

"Boker is a little weird in the room sometimes," Entwistle said of his roommate, Boqvist. "He's usually watching Fortnite and things. He's got the TV on. We get in a lot of fights actually in the room because he likes the temperature very - he wants to be warm all the time and I want to be cold…he wants to be cozy."

"That's not right," Boqvist quipped back. "Macker, the first thing he does? Go to bed. Watch Fortnite. Talk to his girlfriend. I want to go out and do stuff and I'm asking Kirby, 'You want to go out?' And so Macker is just laying in bed and me and Kirby go out."

But the roommate strife doesn't end there. 

"I don't know if he's working that hard in the gym. I'm pretty tired when I get home, so I just want to take a little rest, and same with Dacher," Entwistle added. "We like our rest, so we take a little power nap and then we're ready to go. Boker just likes to go, go go."

"Yeah, we can see in fitness testing, eh Macker?"

Other topics from the conversation include:

  • When Kirby Dach knew the Blackhawks were drafting him
  • What the trio has been up to during their free time around town
  • Boqvist's extravagant fashion tastes
  • Who has the best dance moves
  • And much, much more

Check out the latest episode of Blackhawks Insider for the full interview. 

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