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MONDAY MAILBAG: Memories with the fans

Adam Burish answers fan submitted questions as part of's Mailbag series

by Adam Burish /

Each and every week throughout the 2018-19 season, will have answers to some fan-submitted questions. This week, former Blackhawks forward, 2010 Stanley Cup champion and Blackhawks TV contributor Adam Burish discusses his best memories with fans and more.

1. Adam,

When you and Sharp were on the team there was always joking around, which probably helped to keep the guys in a good frame of mind even if you went through a tough time. Is there anyone on the team now that does this and who is it?

Thanks, Adam

- Craig from Fort Erie, ON

Hey Craig,

Seabrook is one of the best at keeping the guys in a good frame of mind. He does a lot of talking in the locker room, making sure guys are excited and ready to play. He is a great leader in that locker room. His jokes are just average - most of the time - but his bad jokes make the guys laugh harder than his good ones!

2. Do you think Dylan Strome will be able to realize his potential as a 3rd overall pick here in Chicago, especially playing between Debrincat and Kane?

- Tim from Mundelein, IL

Time will tell Tim, but I'll tell you one thing... If you get traded mid-season and get a chance to play on a line with Kane, you are in a good spot! I'm sure Dylan is happy seeing his number listed next to 88 on the lineup card in the locker room.

3. What are your childhood memories of skating on the local pond?

- Gary from Tustin, CA

Being cold and telling my mom and dad I wanted to go home. Not a lot of outdoor hockey memories for me. I've always wanted to go skate on a big open lake or river where its crystal clear and you can skate forever!!

4. What is the best memory you have with a fan/fans?

- Medha from Chicago

I have a lot of great memories. The stuff with the fans is what you remember. I don't remember many early mornings in the gym or on the ice, but interactions with fans is what makes it so much fun. I can't think of just one, but after the Cup in 2010, every single day for almost two weeks running around Chicago with the Stanley Cup and the fans that were around every day and night…. those were some long nights!!!

5. Hi Adam! 

I was wondering if you had a teammate (besides the Hawks) who inspired you in your collegiate or NHL career to go beyond the norms of a hockey player in regards to helping others?

- Delia from Chicago

My parents always told me there is more to it than just hockey, and my sister is a doctor. Seeing the real happiness she gets in helping a young child or a person in an accident and making them happy again is pretty powerful. I don't care what profession you have, you always have a duty to be kind and help others.

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