With a surprise off day in Buffalo, the Chicago Blackhawks turned it into a team bonding experience. The NHL postponed the Blackhawks and Sabres game on Wednesday night due to a travel ban. 

From ping pong to card games and other activities, players used the opportunity to unwind but also still prepare for game action on Thursday. 

“We got our day yesterday, we got ping pong stuff like that,” Kevin Korchinski said. “It was a good day and then we're just going to attack today like [we would] yesterday.” 

With the contest shifted to Thursday night, this changed the schedule for the Blackhawks to play in back-to-back games. This also marked the first postponed game for the Blackhawks this season due to weather.

However, head coach Luke Richardson explained the benefit this created for the team to spend time together. Instead of players being stuck in their rooms, they found ways to get through the day whether asking questions on how to improve their play, hanging out with other teammates and simply making the most of the circumstances. 

“Having that day, we use it as a body rest, but it's a bit of a team bonding opportunity…,” Richardson said. “So I think that's a unique situation that we wanted to make the most out of.” 

Korchinski also described how this can create a stronger chemistry with his teammates and how it can translate into their game on the ice. 

“You can never get enough of that stuff,” Korchinski said. “Whether it's just like playing cards, stuff like that. It goes a long way on the ice and kind of helps build those bonds and those are the players you play for.” 

Some of the players and coaching staff got together on Wednesday to play some ping pong with some head-to-head matchups. Korchinski recounted his victory over Cole Guttman.

While Guttman might not agree with the statement, Korchinski felt he simply outworked his fellow teammate to secure the win. 

“I think he just doesn't have it,” Korchinski joked. “He doesn't have that dog in him for ping pong.”