As the Chicago Blackhawks lose more players to injuries, head coach Luke Richardson noted the team needs to stick to its structure more than ever. 

Since the start of their five-game road trip, the team lost Tyler Johnson and Taylor Raddysh to injuries after their matchups against the Dallas Stars and brought their total number to six players. 

“I think it's more important than ever to stick to structure,” Richardson said. “We have to really stick to our structure when we're especially when we're short-handed like that.”

However, Richardson announced that he hopes that Seth Jones and Joey Anderson can return at some time after their trip. For now, this allows others to step up in their place. 

With new opportunities, Nick Foligno hopes this can get others fired up to step up and showcase the skills they can add with experienced players out. 

“You've given yourself a chance to be looked at as an NHL player,” Foligno said postgame on Sunday. “II think every guy in that room should be salivating to have that opportunity and when you are in the lineup [you say], ‘What can I do to make a difference?’”


After Petr Mrazek made back-to-back starts in Dallas, Arvid Soderblom will earn his start in between the pipes as the team takes on the Nashville Predators. 

While Soderblom faced some challenging matchups over the last few weeks. Richardson and players continue to express the confidence they have in their goaltender. They also hope that tonight’s game can allow him to grow. 

“We believe in him,” Richardson said. “[We need him] to be big and confident and gobble up pucks around the crease, because this is a big, heavy team down low around the net,” Richardson said.