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Sharks Check-in: Coaches Edition

by San Jose Sharks @SanJoseSharks /

As we shelter in place, we're all looking for ways to pass the time and that includes our very own Sharks players and coaches.

So, we are checking in with a few of our guys each week to see what they've been up to while at home.

This week we checked in with our coaching staff and Bob Boughner, Dan Darrow, Evgeni Nabokov, Mike Ricci and Roy Sommer all shared what they've been up to. 

1. New activity or hobby that you've picked up? 

Boughner: I've now become a professional dog walker with a close second place as a professional house cleaner. Windows are my specialty.  

Darrow: Trying to grill on the Traeger.

Nabokov: Nothing new really - Spending time with my son outside, dog walks, exercising. 

Ricci: No new hobbies other than watching our new puppy and other dog fight all-day.

Sommer: Recently started ice fishing. Had only been once before. 


2. What are you currently streaming/watching tv?

Boughner: Peaky Blinders

Darrow: Operation Odessa and Ozark

Nabokov: Money Heist, Ozark, and a bunch of Russian shows

Ricci: Anthony Rodia, Uncle Vinny and Zia Lucia...reminds me of home

Sommer: Been watching Ozark, El Chapo, Outlander and Little Fires Everywhere


3. Have you been trying to cook anything new in the kitchen? if not, what's been your go-to takeout order?

Boughner: After dinner is a glass of red wine and chocolate bark.

Darrow: Cooked an Easter ham. It was 11 pounds and for two people, so we will be eating ham all week. 

Nabokov: My wife cooks a lot; we take out sushi and Italian food.

Ricci: I just BBQ. My wife is a good cook. For takeout, La Villa and Aldo's.

Sommer: Been cooking up a lot of burritos. 


4. What's been your go-to playlist?

Boughner: I have been listening to a little old school playlist as of late on Spotify. 

Darrow: Luke Combs' New Album

Nabokov: Haven't been listening to much; I'm not alone much, so don't have time to.

Ricci: I don't listen to music unless in the truck and it's Linkin Park station on Pandora. 

Sommer: Trampled by Turtles, Caamp, The Dead Tongues and Luke Combs. 


5. Which of the coaches would you least like to AND most like to be quarantined with? 

Boughner: Most - I don't have a favorite coach to be quarantined with. I have enough on my plate with a family of six and three dogs! Least - I don't think I could be quarantined with Mike Ricci. Love the guy but I would be afraid to leave a drink close by. Mike likes to use anything close by as a spitter. Not sure I could ever recover from accidentally taking a swig of Mike's spit juice. Lol!

Darrow: Most- Mike Ricci's new puppy; least - Mike Ricci

Nabokov: Most - Roy because he has a lot of stories to tell.

Ricci: All the other coaches are my answer for both. 

Sommer: Least - would be Ricci. He's too messy and too grumpy. 

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