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Summer Catch Up: Pavel Buchnevich

by Matt Calamia @MattCalamia / spoke with forward Pavel Buchnevich at the Rangers' training center, as the winger prepares for his second season on Broadway after posting eight goals and 12 assists for 20 points in 41 games as a rookie.

NYR: Were you able to travel at all this summer?
PB: "I went home to Russia for a month. I then went on vacation to Dubai. Just chilled. A little practice and a little skating with some guys once I got back to New York."

NYR: Wow, Dubai? How was it?
PB: "It was so hot. I'll never go again. It was my first time. The weather was not that good. Just chilled. Swam for a couple of hours and then went into the air conditioning."

NYR: How has training been this summer? Do you train back home or waited until you got back to America?
PB: "There's just a little, small gym in my home town. We don't have a good gym or a good trainer. Just a little skating. [Two weeks ago], I came back to New York to start practicing and going in the gym with Ben [Prentiss] and skating with Kreids. Just skate, play three-on-three to have some fun." 

NYR: See any good movies?
PB: "Planet of the Apes. It's not bad." 

NYR: Have you checked out any sports games in the area?
PB: "I came in on Friday and I checked what's happening in New York and I saw Barcelona and Juventus were playing. I bought tickets with my friends. We went to the game. I was really excited to watch Messi and Neymar. The best soccer players in the world."

NYR: What's the plan for the rest of the summer?
PB: "Right now, just before camp, it's gym every day. Maybe just weekends off. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday stretch, Thursday gym, Friday gym. Weekend chill. Every week the same. Go to the gym and skate. Just get ready for training camp, but I might go to Miami."

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