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Traveling Jagrs recruiting new member after hero signs with Flames

Calgary-based fan club rejoiced after NHL's second-leading scorer joined hometown team

by Pat Pickens @Pat_Pickens / Staff Writer

Jaromir Jagr is a Calgary Flame, which means the Traveling Jagrs are in search of a new member.

The group of mullet-wigged Jagr superfans rejoiced after hearing that their hero had signed a one-year, $1 million contract with their hometown Flames, and the Jagrs announced they are in search of Calgary Jagr to be the 11th member of their crew.

"We and other hockey fans get a chance to watch one of the greatest players ever to pull on skates for 82 or more games," Trevor Freeman, known as Dallas Jagr, told "For us, it means one more chance to find a new friend to pull on a mullet, drink a beer or two and cheer only for the name on the back of all of our jerseys."

The Traveling Jagrs are superfans who each don a Jagr jersey, hockey socks and fake hair to games to show their passion and support for the 45-year-old legend. There are 10 members of the group, one for each of his eight former NHL teams, plus one who sports an old-school NHL All-Star jersey and another who wears the jersey from Jagr's team in the Czech Republic. But they have been known to sub or add members on their annual road trip to see Jagr.

Video: FLA@CGY: Jagr salutes the Traveling Jagrs in warmups

But that road trip may not be necessary with Jagr playing so close to home. The Jagrs are split between Calgary and Camrose, Alberta, a city about 170 miles north of Calgary. They've typically seen Jagr play when his team comes to Calgary, and have ventured out to other NHL cities to see him play. Last year,the road trip was to New York.

"We're super excited to be able to see Jagr up close and personal kind of whenever we want for 41 games," Freeman said. "That's something for us to look forward to."

The criteria for the 11th member is robust. Interested parties must be a "great fan," 21 years of age or older with a valid passport and "sick flow," who is willing to travel, able to provide his/her own jersey, hockey shell and socks, and prepared to pose for lots of photos.

Those who feel they meet the requirements can email a photo or video submission to the group at or tweet @68isgr8. The winner will be announced next week. Although only one new Jagr will be chosen, the group hopes fans will channel their hero's spirit for the 2017-18 season, Jagr's 24th in the NHL.

"We encourage everyone to be a travelling Jagr," Freeman said. "Grab a mullet, buy a jersey, go to the game; just remember to be a great fan, have fun, cheer for [Jagr] and most importantly, love this great game just like [Jagr]."

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