Snoop Dogg Kings

Call him the Snoopsayer.

Legendary rapper and hockey superfan Snoop Dogg predicted the Edmonton Oilers Game 6 win in the Stanley Cup Final during his show at Rogers Place on Thursday night.

"Tomorrow night, the Oilers are going to win in this... building," Snoop said, more or less while rocking a blue Oilers No. 27 Georges Laraque jersey. "I can see the future."

Laraque, who played 490 NHL games over eight seasons in Edmonton, has been a vocal cheerleader for the team during the run. He shared a post on social media crediting Snoop for the good call.

A loud and sustained chant of "Let's Go Oilers!" broke out in the crowd.

Whether or not Snoop -- who usually reps the Los Angeles Kings but has shown plenty of love for the NHL in the past, including hosting NHL All-Star Weekend in L.A. in 2017 -- was pandering to the home crowd is inconsequential now that the deciding Game 7 is upon us Monday.

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