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Reid Duke of Golden Knights has kind of a famous name

In case of mistaken identity, a prominent 'Magic: The Gathering' player congratulated @NHLdotcom

Reid Duke is the first-ever player signed by the Vegas Golden Knights, an NHL expansion team that will begin play next season. Reid Duke is also one of the most prolific "Magic: The Gathering" players ever.

No, the Golden Knights didn't sign a player with a nerdy hobby. It's a case of mistaken internet identity, according to the team's website.

The hockey-playing Duke, who is leading the Brandon Wheat Kings of the Western Hockey League, had a pretty big day on Wednesday.

But after he signed the first player contract in Golden Knights history, fans started congratulating a different Reid Duke on Twitter, the Sugar Loaf, N.Y. native who made a name for himself playing the fantasy card game based around wizards and dragons and things of that nature.

Both Reid Dukes seemed to take the mix-up in stride.

Tweet from @ReidDuke: Wow, fifty million notifications about the other Reid Duke (hockey player) doing something awesome. Staying off Twitter for a while!

"It's kind of funny because I saw something that he said, that he was getting a lot of traffic or whatever," Duke told the team's website. "But this is really the first time I've kind of come across him. It was kind of funny to see. I'm sure if it was me, I'd have a few laughs. You know, you never really expect something like that to happen. Especially when it's in a field totally opposite of yours. He's just probably sitting there, like: 'what the heck is going on?' It's just kind of a funny coincidence."

But has the newest Golden Knight ever played the card game?

"No, I haven't," Duke said. "I have not played."

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