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Reid Duke Amused By Namesake Confusion

Reid Duke sets the record straight on his Magic: The Gathering connection

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /

There was a split second of confusion.

When the Golden Knights signed Reid Duke as the first player in the franchise's history on Monday, many fans naturally began Googling his name.

After all, why wouldn't they?

Duke has been an ace with the Brandon Wheat Kings this season, having scored 35 goals and 32 assists in 54 games and leading his team in points.

But on a national scale, where Duke is yet to play professionally and is not a household name, there was some confusion when his name didn't surface in Google searches.

Especially when searches instead turned up the image of a prominent Magic: The Gathering player from Sugar Loaf, NY.

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National champion Magic: The Gathering player, we should say.


Tweet from @ReidDuke: Wow, fifty million notifications about the other Reid Duke (hockey player) doing something awesome. Staying off Twitter for a while!


On the surface, this seemed obvious. These two guys had the same name, they weren't the same guy and the Magic: The Gathering Reid Duke had more Twitter followers.

And to be fair, 30, 100 followers for the Magic: The Gathering Reid Duke is actually quite impressive, and perhaps the product of his success and his colorful nickname - "Bones."

The Golden Knights Reid Duke has 1,196 followers, as of Wednesday morning.


Tweet from @rduke96: Not every day a dream comes true! Praise to Him, and thanks to my family for everything. Honoured to sign with @GoldenKnights #boldingold


In the aftermath of the two Reid Dukes being mixed up, we decided to set the record straight with the Golden Knights Reid Duke.

We asked him if he ever dabbled in Magic: The Gathering.

"No, I haven't," he said, with a laugh. "I have not played."

The hockey playing Reid Duke, however, was not unaware of how his coincidental name was perceived on the internet.

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"It's kind of funny because I saw something that he said, that he was getting a lot of traffic or whatever," Duke said. "But this is really the first time I've kind of come across him. It was kind of funny to see.

"I'm sure if it was me, I'd have a few laughs. You know, you never really expect something like that to happen. Especially when it's in a field totally opposite of yours. He's just probably sitting there, like: 'what the heck is going on?' It's just kind of a funny coincidence."

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So to set the record straight, the Golden Knights Reid Duke has never played Magic: The Gathering.

He just scores goals.


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