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Pretty much everyone has been pronouncing Sheary's last name wrong

Even Penguins PA announcer admits he was messing it up @NHLdotcom

Things aren't always as they seem. Names aren't always pronounced the way they appear.

For example, you have probably been mispronouncing Pittsburgh Penguins forward Conor Sheary's name for his entire career. After all, Penguins public address announcer Ryan Mill has been.

Tweet from @RyanMill: Please make a note of it. I will.

So, your instinct may be to pronounce the last name Sheary as "Shear-e," like the word for cutting wool off a sheep followed by an "e" sound.

But that's not right.

It's pronounced "Share-e."

Learn something new every day.

But it's not like it has been bothering Sheary.

Tweet from @RyanMill: He was willing to just let it go because it would be too hard to fix now. Man, what a tolerant human.

But it's pronounced "Share-e" for the record.

If you knew this alreay, please disregard. If not, now you know.

Glad that's settled.

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