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Short Shifts

Kessel pranked by Reaves and his super scary clown mask

Penguins forward has a little Halloween-themed fun while checking in to hotel @NHLdotcom

With teammates like Ryan Reaves, who needs opponents?

Poor Phil Kessel was just trying to get to his hotel room, but Reaves, in his first season in Pittsburgh, couldn't let that go so close to Halloween.

The setup?

Reaves donned a super creepy clown mask, reminiscent of Pennywise the murderous clown from Stephen King's "It" and hid just inside Kessel's door.

Tweet from @rreaves75: First @penguins 7five cam. Yo @PKessel81...Check your shorts son

Kessel, of course, had the reaction anyone with a pulse would have had. It scared him so bad he let out a scream.

Reaves and some other Penguins had a nice laugh at Kessel's expense, and Kessel, not surprisingly, had a good sense of humor about it.

But beware, Ryan Reaves, as Evgeni Malkin knows, Kessel isn't usually just a bystander in a prank war.

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